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digtastik avatar 4:50 PM on 11.13.2008  (server time)
Nametoid: What You Meant To Say Was...

A few weeks ago Craineum and I were yammering on about all things dtoid and we found ourselves fumbling over our fellow community members' names. Is it bleh-man or blay-man? Pendleton or peendleton? You get the picture.. Hell, we get to hear our favorite podcast hosts stumble over our names all the time. No one is immune to this - join the facebook group, Mr. J<*FSHLAFFISHMANAFART*H@#. You're not alone. The solution?

Well, Phonics of course!

We discussed prefixing listener comments with a helpful pronunciation key so the podcast hosts might be able to untie their tongues. Good idea. After further thought, we figured it might be kind of cool or useful or just plain fun to have a repository for this stuff. So there you have the supposed purpose of this blog. Add your name/pronunciation to the list if you want.

Let me just go ahead and get this party started:


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