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digtastik avatar 11:26 AM on 02.05.2009  (server time)
Dreamtoid: You Make My Dreams

The Dreaming:

Scene 1 - Dig and Craineum arrive in the shire.

York that is. Craineum and I hopped a flight to England. I assume it was an uneventful flight. I'm sure I was drunk the entire time; it's the only way I can fly. Once we touched down, we nabbed a car. Not just any car, a sloppy jalopy. Cruising down an old country road we approached our destination - a pine tree lined drive where we find Brother Banj standing in the morning sunlight. Though we'd never met, it was like a reunion of long lost brothers. We take off in our jalopy to destinations unknown, Banj's long white Biggles scarf trailing in the wind.

Scene 2 - Dogfight!

Our destination turns out to be the theater. The crowd is hushed as the curtains part. Lightning flashes and thunder booms, ushering in the battle theme. Descending from the rafters, the combatants glare at one another. Dig and Craineum in full Snoopy and Woodstock attire brace for the attack from atop the Sopwith Camel. The Red Banj dives from the clouds an attempt to draw first blood. Each pass is accompanied by gasps and cheers from the crowd. The crowd waits with bated breath as the battle seems to be winding down, no victor apparent, when just then...

I awake.

The Meaning:

The Players - Craineum, Digtastik, and Banj
This one's not so far fetched; Craineum and I spend too much time together apparently(just ask his wife). We work, lunch, and play games together. Banj, well, his is one of those strong personalities that I was talking about. He reminds me of my good friend Rob, that is if Rob looked different and had an English accent.

The Travel - Pax '09.
Craine and I apprently missed out on a lot of fun last year and decided at that time that we'd be taking a trip across the states this time around.

The Car - Not real sure about this one.
I just had this image of us joyriding in some rag top sloppy jaloppy with Banj wearing a flight helmet and goggles with his Biggles scarf trailing behind us in the wind. Perhaps it was based on the misadventures of Serpy and the Banjit from last year.

The Aerial Theatrics - Dig and Craineum battle Banj a la Snoopy vs the Red Baron
My best guess is that it was inspired by Banj's stage play here. That and my love of Snoopy and Woodstock.

There you have it. I just admitted I had a dream about Snoopy LARPing with a couple of other dudes. Super. See you all at PAX.

*Next up is a cookout at Dyson's place with Topher the rogue.*

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