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digtastik avatar 10:28 AM on 11.20.2008  (server time)
Dreamtoid: The Summer of 'MM9

I know at least a few of you will get a nice chuckle out of this. I'm also positive that someone
will whip out the "that's so gay!" stick. Chad and Colette might even get scared...

The Dreaming

The summer morning sun pours through the window into the tiny room. The three youngsters
sit bathed in sunlight on the edge of the little yellow bed. They gaze at the small television
in awe as the title screen lights up their eager faces. The two boys can no longer contain their
excitement and leap from the bed screaming, "Mega Man 9! Mega Man 9! Mega Man9!" while
throwing up a high-five as only two nerdy white kids can.

"Guys! Can we play the fucking game already?!?" shouts Colette. Chad and Dig glare at her
as if shocked that she'd dare interrupt their celebration. "Oh my God! Oh my God! This is
going to be AMAZING!!!" gushes Chad. In his excitement, Dig loses all control and tries show
his girl gamer friend his best finishing moves.

Before Chad can press Start, he drops the controller with a shrill shriek as Colette slaps Dig in
the face. Suddenly Colette's grandmother *BAMFS!* into the room. She shouts at Colette, "You
get home right this instance young lady! I won't have you playing with the likes of these two
hooligans!" "But! But! But! This is bullshit Grandma! He was just excited about Mega Man 9!"
Colette protests.

Colette and her grandmother leave the room and as the door shuts, Chad declares, "Well, too
bad for her. You're my new best friend! Yay Mega Man 9!" ...and the played and played and

The Meaning

As with any dream, some of this crap just makes no sense. Other parts are much easier to
figure out. Let's do this.

The Location: This was my bedroom during the 80s. I had a hideous yellow bed spread
and a dip in the bed where my friends and I parked our asses to play Atari and Nintendo in
front of my tiny tv.

The Game: This dream occurred in the weeks leading up to the Mega Man 9 release
and I was really looking forward to downloading it. Oddly, we were playing it on my SNES. That makes no
sense due to the game's 8-bit leanings(also we were playing this in the 80s). Perhaps the
SNES made its appearance simply because it's the best damned console ever.

The Players: Chad, Colette and Me. I really enjoy RetroforceGo! and since Chad and Colette
tend to be the most vocal, they got to be my gamer friends.

The High Five:

Nerdy white guys should never attempt to do this, but they occasionally forget that
and attempt it every now and again.

The Kiss: I can only imagine that part went something like this...

but with a girl... and uh, Mega Man 9. Or maybe it was that I never had any female gamer
friends during that wonderful coming of age time. I got nothin' on this one.


I liken her to Nightcrawler since she really just appeared from thin air. Although she wasn't
getting rid of Colette's SNES, she did keep her from playing it in this dream.

The End: Well... I think this was young Chad demonstrating his loose allegiances when
it comes to friends and video games.

So, I guess that's it for this dream. Next time, Craineum and Digtastik travel overseas
for a magical joyride with the Red Baron.

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