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digtastik avatar 9:53 AM on 06.18.2008  (server time)
Delusional Fanboys - Castlevania 2 Simon's Quest

I've been playing a bunch of my childhood games again lately. Simon's Quest is one of these games. When I was 15, I thought this game was amazing. I played and played and played. Playing through the game now, I say to myself "Self, WTF were you thinking? This game sucks monkey balls." From the horrid engrish to the lousy time lapse dynamic to the "squat by in this random spot to proceed" BS - what made this game worth it? The 1st game rocked, but like Link's Adventure, this follow up was a completely different game. So just what made the game stick for me?

Nintendo Power is what made this game. Admit it, no of us would have ever made it through this piece of shit game without the help of this wonderful magazine and the pay-per-call hint lines. I know I made a few calls to various game expert hotlines. I tried my damnedest not to, but I can deifinitely remember making my way through those hotline menus.

So be honest with yourself... I loved the game. I still own the game. I've recently played the game. I have to ask though, was this really a good game? Or are we all just trying to delude ourselves in hopes of preserving those precious childhood memories?

A shiny turd is still just a turd. Me, I AM a delusional fanboy.

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