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digtastik avatar 9:30 AM on 06.16.2008  (server time)
Bargain Hunter - Quest for the Past

Hopefully we all learn from our mistakes in life; I certainly have. Most recently I've learned two important lessons - 1) I wish I had held on to all of my old systems and carts 2) I've become cheap. These things combined have made me a bargain hunter.
For the last ten years, I've been lurking on Ebay, hitting pawn shops, Goodwill centers, and flea markets in pursuit of that next big score.

I've of course purchased a replacement NES and SNES along with some of my favorite carts like this one

Great condition with box and manual for $5. Ebay is great for the anxious completist in me since, if you're willing to pay the price you can get just about anything you want. You just have to weed out the shipping rapists.

Used game shops of the independent variety tend to hide some great finds. There's this shop,Console Concepts Gaming Center, that I need to hit where cart prices range from $5 - $60. Check their AWESOME PICS and start drooling. I snagged a copy of this piece of crap
for $1 at a small place in a local mall during a big sale. Now they only sell poker supplies.

Most recently I've decided to play through the Final Fantasy series(except for the online BS - not interested). I'd played through the first 3 on the GBA/DS and was on the hunt for IV-VI. Amazon had IV and V Advance for $20 each, but they also had the FF anthology and chronicles for $15-$20. Since that included FFIV,V, VI and Chrono Trigger, I was all over it. Unfortunately, 2 days after placing the order I heard the latest RetroforceGo! wherein those versions were panned as the worst or the re-releases. I canceled the order and bought the GBA versions of IV and V. Good choice since I was then able to play them whenever and wherever I wanted to.

- Yes, I could have found an SNES copy, but I was digging the mobile aspect of the re-releases so that's what I hunted for. Amazon had it used and new from various sellers from $25 up. Walmart had it for $30. I wanted it for less. I searched and searched; I'd just about given up hope when I found a copy at Circuit City. All of their GBA games were on an endcap in one big box. Buried in that box was what I'd been looking for at the nice acceptable price of $17. Gets better; since all of the GBA games were on clearance it rang up at the register for $6. SCORE! (Thanks Freddy!)

On to the big daddy of the FF series. You know the one. Yeah, that one that people seem to want to charge so much for just about everywhere you find it listed.
I lost my copy of it back in '98, but with minimal effort I've found my best score of the year. Craigslist - I failed to mention this resource. The listing was for a rev1 PS2 with 5 ps2 games and 7 ps1 games. The games included FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX, FFX, and Kingdom Hearts. All complete and in perfect working condition. It seemed to good to be true. The score - $100!!! Suck it. I was all over that deal like a fat cat on a bb.

So what good finds have you made lately? Me, I have some more hunting to do.

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