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digtastik avatar 1:02 PM on 02.04.2009  (server time)
10 Things DiggyT's Postin' Up In It

Most of these things I don't normally discuss, so there should be a few new things here that folks can still learn about little ol' me.

1) I had a really ugly bike in grade school
My bike was so ugly it made the older kids pick on me. Everyday after school I had to climb a tree to free my bike from where those bastards had staged their bicycle lynchings.

2) I am sore afraid of LARPers
I started playing Dungeons & Dragons in the 4th grade. I've always enjoyed that stuff, but as an adult, getting invited to pelt a bunch of dudes with bean bags in the woods don't do it for me.

3) I saw the Jackson 5 Victory tour
Yeah, I went to Dallas and saw MJ hee hee it up with his bros. I think i was 9 or so.

4) I have a bb in my leg
My cousin popped me with a Crossman air rifle. The bb was nestled snugly behind my shin. Doc said best to leave it there. I did shoot my cuz back, but he leapt into the air and it went through his thigh.

5) I got in trouble for beating up a handi-capable kid in junior high
I didn't want to... the guy had a crush on me and grabbed my ass everday on the bus. I'd asked him not to do that and apparently that pissed him off. He jumped on my back and started hitting, scratching and biting me. The bus driver gets on the bus right as I'm bashing the kid's head against the back of the seat. Yeah, I looked like the bad guy.

6) I sang at Lincoln Center
My choir took a trip on a greyhound from NE Louisiana to NYC when I was in 9th grade. Yeah, put a bunch of hormonal high school kids on a bus and ship them to New York. Amazing roadtrip.

7) I corrupted a bunch of nuns in Ireland
While visiting some nuns in a monastery in Ireland, I installed a modem in their office computer and got their ISP access set up. Everyone knows the internet's for porn.

8) I'm friends with a real life gladiator.
American, that is.

9) I have gigantic balls
My wife always wanted to hear me sing, but I'd never do it in front of her. When I finally did, it was during our wedding reception. Every chick in the place wanted my junk; every cat in the joint wanted to beat my ass.

10) I love yacht rock.
I can't hear "What a Fool Believes" without bobbing my head and tappin my toes. Micahael McDonald, Kenny Loggins, Hall and Oates... I just can't help mahseff.

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