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digoutyoursoul avatar 1:30 PM on 01.29.2012  (server time)
Podtoid: Taking the Insanity Further

Many people love Podtoid, it has surged into one of the most listened to gaming podcasts of current times, gamers across the world wait in anticipation each week for the next episode with some having a strict routine during their "Session with Podtoid". Fans have declared some of the routines with pride, many include sitting on a horse covered in bees wax, having bottles of talc poured constantly on their anus by a loved one or friend or maid, sitting in the corner of an apartment block elevator with no clothes on and even camping outside Willem Dafoe's second cousin's house in Appleton dressed as Chinchillas. Yes! Podtoid has brought out the weird and wonderful out for a lot of truly amazing gamers during the two hour plus recordings by Jim Sterling, Jonathan Holmes and company.

"I love it, hearing that British guy Sterling declaring his intent to piss into the other guys mouth is like reading a script by the Farrelly Brothers for the first time" - Randy Quaid - WCWP Radio Interview January 2012

Having done extremely determined research over a period of five weeks, it is clear there is a robust library of love for Podtoid and it's unlikely to stop for the foreseeable future although during that research there was suggestions for what some of the listenship would like to be implemented in future episodes of the show, so here they are:

1. A show dedicated to Jonathan Holmes' laugh

A few people suggested this, some kept their reasons private whilst others admitted it could possibly be a free alternative to help return sexual arousal. An entire two hours worth of the handsome Jonathan Holmes' lingering chuckle similar to the one heard after a filthy remark made by either Jim or Max with no talking or music or breaking wind of any kind although one Podtoider suggested the famous "Whaatt?" Holmes declares to be used every few minutes just to add further pleasurable listening.

"A cigar, my cock and Podtoid, all I need to end the day" Dirk Benedict - Interview - December 2011

2. Back after this short break

A surprising idea, some listeners suggested ad breaks to be placed into the show. Some podcasts of various subjects do have these but whilst they give information on either the latest toaster or charity the feedback here suggested adverts designed to fall into the humour of Podtoid created by either Jim Sterling and the team or the Destructoid community. A loyal listener from Fiji who wished not to be named declared " How about adverts each week, could be Jim Sterling advertising throat sweets made from Penguin feces or a fan created ad selling cheap spare game boxes made from the mucas of an Algerian goat, if Lazlow can do it for GTA then Sterling and co can do it for Podtoid".

"Have no fucking clue why they would mention me" Danny DeVito - November 2011

3. A Live Show

The most requested addition to Podtoid is a live show with a varied audience and location. Some have suggested the show could take place in the autonomous country of GreenLand in front of an audience of penguins dressed as Zelda, another idea was hiring the men's toilet facilities at the yearly E3 expo without restricting access allowing non members of the audience to urinate or take a tremendous shit for a chance to let it be heard live on air. It was not suggested prizes should be given for this. The most popular choice by far was using the employment of Jonathan Holmes for a live show with the audience members consisting of regular gamers and mental patients alike.

4. Competition Time

The heart warming community of Destructoid like to send the Podtoid team gifts varying from steel tables to penis's made from Super Nintendo game cartridges. Whilst the kindness is appreciated and declared so via the show, maybe it is time to offer the community something back...yes alongside the two hour entertainment you get each week. Prizes could vary from a tub of Jim Sterling's jizz scattered with blueberries, a signed photograph of Max's nipples, a Jonathan Holmes urine sample and or even a personalised Tara Long voice message.

Podtoid is a remarkable show, I'm sure many agree, so long may it continue for years to come whatever the discussion.

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