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digitaldemigod avatar 2:47 PM on 01.24.2008  (server time)
Games being blamed for everything

Seriously what the hell is wrong with people? All of these problems seem to stem from the fact that they have not woken up to fact that not everyone that plays games is a fucking child. Some of us played games as children in the 80s and still enjoy it today. I'm 33 and that's my story. It's the same thing with cartoons. In Japan, cartoons (aka Anime) are used to tell dramatic stories to adult audiences. But here when I watch anime I get a bunch of my peers going "you fuckin watch cartoons?!" Fuck you all, stupid masses.

Also, it's just always some new scapegoat for our world's problems. Every fucking time I see videogames get blamed for youth violence I have to say "yeah and war, murder, rape, suicide and sex didn't exist until the creation of videogames right?" When I was a kid it was Dungeons and Dragons being blamed. Then it was heavy metal. Then it was cartoons. My fucking GI Joe and Transformers were too violent but somehow Tom & Jerry isn't.

People are just close minded fucking morons. Along with all this other shit, think about the mentality of the parents that wanted Big Bird's imaginary friend Snuffalaphugus to not be imaginary because they thought it was harmful to their children to watch puppets have imaginary friends... yeah... you got it... they thought it was ok for their children to watch talking puppets but not talking puppets with imaginary friends. ?!

I am a parent. I've been playing videogames for about 25 years. My son is 8. He has some behavior issues of his own and so I do my job and don't let him play videogames all day because I see that for HIM it can be a problem. I also don't allow him to play games with subjects beyond his maturity level. Parents need to do their job. Media needs to stop blaming Doom and friends for all of the world's problems.

And they make us gamers appear to be the uneducated ones... games rot your brain... yeah, sure. And the abundance of awesome reality shows are really good for you apparently. Fuck them all.

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