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Start of the Affair: Radiant Silvergun

As the many of you here are, I am an avid gamer and I enjoy it immensely. I have been gaming for over two decades now and don't see it stopping anytime soon. I began early on with a Master System and pretty much ran the gamut...


Tales of Etrian Odyssey

For the Etrian Odyssey II fan-swag contest extraordinaire! Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. ----------------------------------------------------------------- The Thie...Survivalist. It was shortly...


Summon Night: Twin Age First Impressions

Summon Night had been on my radar ever sense I first found out the game had been likened to a dungeon crawler. Being a fan of the traditional dungeon crawl in its various incarnations I took the liberty to pre-order the game ...


About devosionone of us since 12:08 AM on 06.04.2008

Im a newcomer and to be honest I have my sights set on that Etrian Odyssey 2 contest swag, but can you blame me? Probably not.

In any case i'll also contribute more than just my story, and I hope to entertain the lot of you with my various blogs and so-forth.

So in any which case I look forward to hearing your comments and adding a friend or two. :)

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