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1:39 PM on 05.18.2008

Goodwill Awesomeness!

I think I've said it before, but I work at Goodwill, and like Dyson, I find some cool stuff on occasion. (but not as awesome as he finds)

I went to Goodwill on Saturday and was browsing the electronics, when I noticed a bunch of Atari 2600 games! Games I didn't own!!!! So I snapped up Superman, River Raid, Adventure, Joust, Donkey Kong Jr. and a Star Command controller with the overlay! Now that I have 2 touch pad controllers, I can tool around with BASIC PROGRAMMING! And...I guess I can now play Star Command and know what to do. LOL

I set them aside and I'm paying for them on Monday. I'm excited. Now I really need to add a cartrige slot to my Atari Flashback2, so I can play on my new HDTV. (I don't know how to do electronic work though...anyone that knows how to add the cart slot to the flashback and wants to help, tell me!!!)

This made me laugh and cry at the same time. 9/13 of these apply to me. ;_;
How to Tell You're an Aging Gamer - GameDaily
(The too many buttons, dating Ms. Pac-Man, the game crash and hooking Atari 2600 up to hdtv don't apply to me)   read

2:58 PM on 05.12.2008

GAMING THERAPY! (I bought a DS!)

April was pretty terrible. My girlfriend left me after 3 and a half I bought games to comfort myself!!!

I spent way too much money. I have like 4 dollars in the checking account now... -_-'

So, I bought NO MORE HEROES and I love this game. The style and language and behaviors in the characters is so awesome. Also one of the bosses uses a Virtual Boy for a targeting visor!

I also bougt MARIO KART WII. I am terrible at this game.... all my online friends slayed me when we played together... I just finished 50cc last night so it could get better. I do like the bikes.

Finally I bought a DS!!!! WOOO! I love the DS! I have no games cause I'm broke but I LOVE IT. I borrowed Professor Layton and beat it after three brain busting days and I only used hints on half of the puzzles, and faqs on all the math ones... since i'm TERRIBLE at math. The sequel needs to be localized RIGHT NOW.

But next month I'm gonna get a "device" and I'll be rolling in fun! So I need some suggestions for GREAT DS games. I already know Phoenix Wright, Hotel Dusk, Cooking Mama, Ninja Gaiden, but what are some other gems of the system?

I found out the Wii is a great tool to make girls that are depressed happy again! My friend who is going thru a divorce came over and we played Wii Sports and Wii Play and she had a blast! She told me later that she forgot all of her problems. So guys, if you know girls that are single, get a Wii and invite them over for some cow racing. :D   read

8:25 PM on 04.09.2008

PART THREE: the next generation.

Onwards into my game collection! Here things get interesting. Let's see my PS2 collection! Bear in mind that my GTA3, GTA:VC, Katamari Damacy, We Love Katamari, Activision Classics Collection, burnout 3, auto modelisa and Rise of the Colossus are with my brothers.

My GameCube games. I play them on my Wii. I searched to find the Spice Orange controller. Yay for eBay!

My Wii games. I got the kickin faceplate after I sent my Guitar Hero disc to Activision. They mailed them out to all the people as an appology. Very cool.

my GameBoy games. I have a lot of them! I can't find my giant GameBoy, but I do have a GameBoy Camera AND Printer...but no paper..or the SIX AA's that run the beast. But I got the printer for a buck and the camera for $5 so I'm not complaining

and here is the vectrex controller and the games w/ overlays. this is my treasure. also fun fact, the controller is ANALOG! this is from 1985 :D

wow. my grand total comes up to 298 retail games. plus arc the lad collection, gta 3 & vc, shadow of colossus, jaguar XJ220 for segacd, katamari 1&2, and activision game and burnout 3 and auto modelisa brings my GRAND grand total to 308 games...x_x   read

6:03 PM on 04.09.2008

my games PART TWO!

the sega genesis! what a great system. i used to have more games than this but my collection got sold when i was in middle school. i've been re building my collection but not really seeking them out that hard. sega cd though... i like. alot. i was so sad when i mixed the plugs and plugged the NES adapter into the sega cd plug and fried my circuit board...:( but my mom bought me a sega cd i stashed aside at work (goodwill) along with sonic 2,3,knuckles, gamegenie and vectorman. for around $30! :D

the saturn i got after buying my dreamcast. it has LOTS of fun games on it. and i desperatly need the ram cart. the nights demos came when i ordered the 3d pad from eBay. the lady threw them in FOR FREE. so i have nights and CHRISTMAS NIGHTS demos. christmas is awesome as the game changes during the calendar year with halloween effects, and snow during winter and various other things. its pretty awesome and a ton of fun.

(the binder has saturn games from the open page to the back. disc swap ftw)

the dreamcast. oh i love the dreamcast so very much. its nearly scary. while i dont own many retail games..i do have about 80 not copied games. in that binder.

my playstation experience first started when i won one for 10 dollars at a concert in an auction. i bought FF8 and Parasite Eve 2. and then i grew to have a bunch of fun games but mostly rpgs.

this brings the game count to...206 retail games.

next is next gen and handhelds! :D (ps2, wii and gb+gba)   read

4:10 PM on 04.09.2008

here are some of my games. prepare for awesomeness.

i have decided to show off my games. i will start with my atari games!

yes thats one of the button pads for the atari... too bad i dont have 2...then i could play my basic programming cart. and those cardboard box games? those are for my RCA STUDIO II thats darn near NEW IN BOX. check it out.

ON to the master system. and the tally so far is... 59 games.
i got my master system from a girlfriend while we were looking in her attic. she didnt want it and i was practically wetting myself as i never saw one so she gave it to me...IN THE BOX. i threw out the styrofoam...but kept the box this system still had the protective plastic on the controllers and system. :D FREE. i picked up a few games since getting it and its a pretty good system!

now on to the bulk of my games. the Nintendo Entertainment System. i still have all my games from 1986 or 87 whichever year we got it... not at launch.. my brothers and I found Code Name: VIPER behind the couch and just went insane with the realization that we got a nintendo. (think N64 kid x3) oh that memory is gonna stay with me for the rest of my life. here we go! (pic is big cause collection is big)

wow thats a lot of games. :\ kinda overwhelming when you can make a blanket out of nes carts. :D

GENESIS NEXT! (136 games so far)   read

2:25 PM on 04.09.2008

GAME CANDY. awesome.

Nintendo is the coolest company ever. Check out this candy I've bought in the past month.

I think the most awesome thing is that the Wiimote and NES pad are actual size. The Wiimote even fooled me once! I had it on my desk and grabbed it to turn off my Wii and then realized it was the tin. Oh yeah. They are all metal! :D

the red mushroom is cherry sours
the green one is apple sours
the blue mushroom is blue raspberry
the Wiimote is peppermint chicle gum (it loses flavor REALLY FAST)
and the NES pad is basically Altoids.   read

10:12 PM on 04.08.2008

my retro-ness: an introduction.

hello! i'm dethstryke! :D
i like to think i'm a retro gamer. and strangly a sega retro gamer...but i barely have any genesis games anymore...

anyways. this is what i own.
2 ataris, (one darth vader, and one sears video arcade II)
2 genesis (model 1 and model 2)
2 nes (new and old)
1 mastersystem (with hang-on built in)
sega cd (model 2. my model 1 died after a power adapter mishap)
1 saturn (model 1)
1 dc (model 1)
3 psx (not psone)
1 ps2fat
1 wii
1 RCA studio II (second cart based system ever)
1 Atari Flashback 2 (unmodded as of yet)
and WAAAAY to many games to count.

oh and i have a vectrex. :D thats my favorite system. next to the wii.

ummm i have a bad ass jean jacket and several videogame toys... heres some pics! :D


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