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Goodwill Awesomeness!

I think I've said it before, but I work at Goodwill, and like Dyson, I find some cool stuff on occasion. (but not as awesome as he finds) I went to Goodwill on Saturday and was browsing the electronics, when I noticed a bunc...


GAMING THERAPY! (I bought a DS!)

April was pretty terrible. My girlfriend left me after 3 and a half years...so I bought games to comfort myself!!! I spent way too much money. I have like 4 dollars in the checking account now... -_-' So, I bought NO MORE...


PART THREE: the next generation.

Onwards into my game collection! Here things get interesting. Let's see my PS2 collection! Bear in mind that my GTA3, GTA:VC, Katamari Damacy, We Love Katamari, Activision Classics Collection, burnout 3, auto modelisa and ...


my games PART TWO!

the sega genesis! what a great system. i used to have more games than this but my collection got sold when i was in middle school. i've been re building my collection but not really seeking them out that hard. sega cd tho...


GAME CANDY. awesome.

Nintendo is the coolest company ever. Check out this candy I've bought in the past month. I think the most awesome thing is that the Wiimote and NES pad are actual size. The Wiimote even fooled me once! I had it on my...


my retro-ness: an introduction.

hello! i'm dethstryke! :D i like to think i'm a retro gamer. and strangly a sega retro gamer...but i barely have any genesis games anymore... anyways. this is what i own. 2 ataris, (one darth vader, and one sears video a...


About dethstrykeone of us since 10:14 PM on 04.03.2008

i'm a retro gamer at heart but i do like current gen stuff...
i have a wii but i've been playing alot of retro stuff lately... in the past 2 months ive bought 4 nes games, a nes advantage, received a sega cd and sonic 1-3 and sonic and knuckles, not-burned 4 dc games, hoooked up my atari flashback, replaced my 72 pin on my nes and dusted off my saturn just last week.

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