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Me and my Love (besides gaming.. of course <3)


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I am twenty six years old, and I'm OBSESSED with soda (Coke), Poptarts (Strawberry), and video games. I live a pretty boring life at the moment, take up most of my time playing games and waiting for the new edition to the family... My wife and I are expecting our first child in July, and I couldn't be happier. I am really into all forms of music, but mainly black metal, death metal, and some grindcore.
Born and raised in California, I also like some old west coast punk rock.
In this blog I plan to cover all kinds of things, movie reviews, game reviews... as well as venting, ranting and my thoughts on everything.
If you don't like what I have to say, move on.
From time to time, when I have the goods(heh), I plan on giving away some free stuff, could be anything from a used console to a dvd.
All in all, I just love DTOID and all it has to offer.

My Favorite Akira AMV

For Conrad =)

He LOVES Morrissey!!!

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Yahoo Messenger : Ninja.Gaiden
Myspace : _snuff_films_
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I shouldn't have to say anything else...

Ah, finally... it arrived today. I was cussing the UPS people in IRC and the BAM the truck pulls up.

Its up and running, no RROD out of the box (phew). The only problem it does have is the USB section is broken (the flip lid) and it has a big crack there... not a problem since I can always buy a new one. (blame it on the USPS).

Anyhow.. PICTURES!

Thanks again to Destructoid, even more so Niero for making this happen.

I am off to play some Lost Odyssey ;)

The BD-J home brew scene has been picking up lately... it started off with some Pong, then we got some Snake... but today a new standard has been set.

A Japanese coder recently released an NES emulator that works with the help of BD-J on your PS3. The only thing that seems to be lacking is sound... and I am not even sure if that's possible add, only time will tell.

Wanna try it? Lets get started...

1. Download THIS

2. Extract the the folder in the compressed file to the main root of a USB device or memory stick

3. Place the ROMs you would like to play into the main folder you have just extracted to the root

4. Go to the Video section in the XMB on your PS3

5. You will need to click the USB or memory stick you have chosen

6. Select the BD-J homebrew game

7. Next, you will be brought to a file viewer in which, you may choose ROMs

8. Now the game will start. Press the triangle button then go to the numeric pad

9. The 1 on the pad stands for select and the 2 acts as start

10. You may now press triangle and enjoy the game

(the red square takes you back to the rom list)

I tried out this emulator and it works great. There is a slight delay with the controls but its not really an issue at all. Trying this out some roms seem to not load at all... Punch out for example (awwww man!) does nothing, but most of the ones I did try (The Mario series, Mega Man's etc) worked fine.

Install process-

Loading the Dash-

It seems that M$ has had their new firmware for the 360 leaked... already, as well as running on modded consoles. There has been no word if this will get you banned or what not, but its out there in the wild if you search hard enough.

I am guessing that since this has been leaked there will be some word from M$ very soon... and this may even end up making them release more features for it so they can get one over on the people already using it... I wouldnt imagine they wouldnt want their "following the rules" types to be missing out for no reason.

Just a quick heads up for people that have heard this rumble with no proof.

7:23 PM on 07.25.2008

Im bringing sexy back.

Following a post on dtoid c-blogs by Manta, I found out that the people that signed up for the Resistance 2 beta had gotten an email... a cryptic email. Reading through the email I noticed "Project Abraham" mentioned and decided to have a look around.

Before you guys head to the site to check it out, I wanted to let you know of some of the things I noticed. When you go to the site (after the 4 intro videos) you can click on the patients pictures and read about their troubles and what not. While I was in one of their "folders" I noticed I could click around and move the photos, letters and cards inside that folder. I thought it was a nice find and pretty innovative.

I am sorry if this is old news, just something I found out and thought I would share with everyone.

Website - http://www.projectabraham.com/


I have also seemed to have stumbled on to ANOTHER website to do with this whole thing... I am not sure if any of this leads anywhere but here it is -