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  • 1:38 PM on 09.10.2007  

    Gamespot giving away CoD4 beta's!

    If anyone want to get into the Call of Duty 4 Beta, Gamespot are giving away thousands of codes, visit and sign up for one of their free accounts and you can get an invite!

    Hope to see you online soon :D

    8:34 AM on 09.09.2007  

    This video makes me want to buy Rock Band

    I know this video has nothing to do with Rock Band but I want to play the drums so much after watching it.

    Also I hope they put this song in Rock Band.

    3:37 PM on 08.26.2007  


    These are two of the funniest Halo videos I have seen for a long time, please check these out and fall over laughing.

    p.s. Sorry if these have been posted before, I couldn't see them in previous posts.

    2:51 PM on 08.21.2007  

    Mafia 2!!!!!

    2K games have announced that Mafia 2 is in the works. If you loved the original Mafia as I do you will all be excited, if you have never played Mafia then shame on you. (if you do decide to play the original Mafia please get the PC one, the console port was terrible)

    11:27 AM on 08.21.2007  

    A great idea for a MMO

    I have been thinking about what great films can be turned into games and I think I have come across a gem of a game: Escape from New York the MMO!

    Imagine it, you can live a life of crime in New York, you can kill, steal and be generally unpleasant to everyone who lives in New York. You can join gangs and attack rival gang houses and take over the city.

    Anyone else have any good ideas for movie related games/MMO's?

    (P.S. This is my first blog post, so sorry if I suck)

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