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demonelite's blog

4:41 PM on 03.22.2008

Lego Portal

Those talented people at Nick Larsen Media have just made a brilliant stop motion video of Portal using Lego. Over 1300 frames were used to make this video and it is a job well done. Check out the video here. News borrowed from Kotaku.   read

4:06 PM on 03.08.2008

Not my Turning Point gaming rig

This is my rig of power! It has a 1.3GHz processor for amazing performance 256mb of RAM for super fast programs GForce 5200 graphics card for the latest games (circa 2002) I really need a new PC and I am willing to pay for international shipping and sexual favors to Niero and all destructoid staff.   read

3:07 PM on 02.03.2008

Devil May Cry 4 Demo

I have just played the Devil May Cry 4 demo on the 360 and all I can say right now is "what is all the fuss about". I must point out that I have never played any game in the Devil May Cry series before (maybe this is why I d...   read

6:39 AM on 11.13.2007

Halo coming to the 360

Next Generation has posted some interesting news about the forthcoming fall update for xbox live, it states the the original (and best) Halo is coming to xbl. Other games including Fable, Fahrenheit, Crimson Skies: High Road ...   read

2:48 PM on 10.18.2007

Battlestar Galactica coming to xbla next week

Great news for Battlestar Galactica fans, the long awaited xbla and PC game is coming out this Wednesday. We all can look fowards to cooking tosters over 10 singleplayer missions taken from the TV series and an expansive mu...   read

3:45 PM on 10.15.2007

He's back!

The MC is back, sucking at Halo 3 even more, check it out if you haven't seen it yet. Its not as good as the other two, but it is still funny. Also, whats your favorite game machinima?   read

1:38 PM on 09.10.2007

Gamespot giving away CoD4 beta's!

If anyone want to get into the Call of Duty 4 Beta, Gamespot are giving away thousands of codes, visit and sign up for one of their free accounts and you can get an invite! Hope to see you online soon :D   read

8:34 AM on 09.09.2007

This video makes me want to buy Rock Band

I know this video has nothing to do with Rock Band but I want to play the drums so much after watching it. Also I hope they put this song in Rock Band.   read

3:37 PM on 08.26.2007


These are two of the funniest Halo videos I have seen for a long time, please check these out and fall over laughing. p.s. Sorry if these have been posted before, I couldn't see them in previous posts.   read

2:51 PM on 08.21.2007

Mafia 2!!!!!

2K games have announced that Mafia 2 is in the works. If you loved the original Mafia as I do you will all be excited, if you have never played Mafia then shame on you. (if you do decide to play the original Mafia please get the PC one, the console port was terrible)   read

11:27 AM on 08.21.2007

A great idea for a MMO

I have been thinking about what great films can be turned into games and I think I have come across a gem of a game: Escape from New York the MMO! Imagine it, you can live a life of crime in New York, you can kill, steal a...   read

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