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deiga-the-semivaliant avatar 8:18 PM on 07.03.2008  (server time)
I wish I can reach through the Internet and punch people.

So I'm, like, super excited about Diablo III, right? I played Diablo II a lot, but there were a lot of things about the game that eventually turned me off. For one thing, playing on Battlenet eventually boiled down to running as fast as you can through dungeons until you get to the boss and whack him like a pinata until he drops rares. Then everyone makes a mad dash clicking away (or using a loot bot) to get as much shit as possible. Repeat.

Anyway, point is, I hope Diablo III is different from Diablo II. They have a chance to make a really great game that will hopefully accommodate lots of different play-styles, as well as encourage cooperation between players online.

The last thing on my mind, quite frankly, is how the game looks.

And yet, low and behold, we have petitions to change the graphics. Fanboys crying out because the game doesn't 'look scary enough' or 'it looks too much like WoW'. What the hell?? How does any of that make sense? Sure, the environments are a little more colorful, and the shoulder pads are a little bigger this time around, but c'mon. Why are these little pricks getting so up-in-arms about it?

Anywho, the deepest cesspool of fanboy idiocy has got to be in the forums. These are people who have no concept of artistic design, and think changing the art direction of a game already four years in production is as easy as fiddling around with filters in Photoshop. They all say 'OMG IT LOOKS LIKE WOW THIS SUX' just because of the 'cartoony' and 'blocky' models and textures. So I've been trolling around, posting arguments and generally being a dick, and I gotta tell you, there are some really, REALLY stupid people who don't really understand the concept of game design and accessibility. It makes me wish I could reach through the Internet and punch someone in the face. That would be awesome.

Ugh, just wanted to share that with you, D-toid. My handle there is deigaman, if you're interested in joining in on the conversation.

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