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5:34 PM on 11.20.2007

That chick in the Samus outfit reminded me of this commercial


Though it appears this one is a bit more clunky   read

11:51 AM on 11.09.2007

I think I prefer the original Zack and Wiki concept

Now that game has potential.   read

3:33 PM on 11.06.2007

Furry's are gross, falinter - here is your Mario Sex Ed Tape

[embed]52881:4480[/embed]   read

3:07 PM on 11.06.2007

Sonic says no to sexual harassment

[embed]52878:4478[/embed]   read

2:35 PM on 11.06.2007


[embed]52873:4477[/embed]   read

2:33 PM on 10.18.2007

OMAIFING GEEZUZ! Okami has been in every Wii game! We are so blind!

I found these after my friend Danny gave me the SUPER untold Wii friend code. The trick is to use LETTERS instead of NUMBERS on the Opera browser. Then you have to stick the Wiimote up your ass for 20 minutes and spin around for another 10. I'm not too sure about the last part because the images worked fine before I stuck the controller up my ass but I really wanted to be certain. I even manged to get the nunchuck in there too which I think is safe to say is not coming out anytime soon.   read

1:35 PM on 10.18.2007

How did we miss this?! Okami is in Super Smash Brothers!

Do you see him? I love this dog SOOO much. I remember I played this game so much that my mom got upset because she had another miscarriage but really it was because I was so good at the game. I told her I was going to run away and become the MLG champion of Okami, I never saw her so happy and proud of me. she actually started crying whenever she wasn't trying to spill the bottle of pills on the floor. Take that dad!   read

12:34 PM on 10.18.2007

BREAKING NEWS!OMG!Okami will upscale to 1080p!

Sweet?! Thats what Okami will look like on my 71 inch cocktacular plasma ray of death screen. My mom said because I got only three D's this semester that I can get Okami and some of my porn back, but not the hardcore stuff but my mom doesn't know that I keep 30 floppy drives under my bed at all times that contain over 50(!) pictures from the set of Baywatch. Which kinda sucks because most of them are of some hairy ass dude that looks kinda like those pictures of my dad.


11:52 PM on 09.29.2007

The Wii has nothing on this - The Genesis ACTIVATOR!


God I miss the nineties.   read

2:53 PM on 09.22.2007

NES Transformers - Worst Game Ever

[embed]46025:2736[/embed]   read

3:30 PM on 09.21.2007

Smash Bros. Caption Contest - Because I'm not witty enough for this

Original Pic:

Some help for those with only MS Paint:

Winner gets my respect. Sorry all my money went to sending out those damn posters and my eye doctor. Make me laugh damnit.   read

8:55 PM on 09.16.2007

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