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de BLOO avatar 3:42 PM on 09.17.2010
The new Dante in DmC. And no, this isn't a "WTF he's emo" thing.

Some people are being stupid about it.

That's Capcomunity's forum. Kudos go to forumers for the image.

Some are just a bit more nice about it.

I personally think he looks a bit like a twilight character, but that's not even a negative for me. This is more than just aesthetics. Video games are not a good format for a developed plot and back story, so the looks of the character become a vital part in expressing his or her personality. I'll give you an example, Ryu is the serious karate guy and Ken is the willy nilly one. You don't even need to play the games or watch cutscenes to know that, just look at almost every character artwork created for them.

Maybe that's because Ryu and Ken are iconic, so fucking with them is off territory. But to me, Dante is iconic. Why fuck with him again? DMC2 tried to paint Dante as someone who wasn't being cocky all the time, but at the end of that game I felt like it was fucking stupid. To the developer's credit though, they learned their lesson and created DMC3, which is so fucking fun. DMC: SE is, to this day, in my top 3 action adventure games of all time. Only Bayonetta and God Hand pass it.

Perhaps the notion that Capcom wants this new one to be 'westernized' has made them come to the conclusion people wont really care about the old Dante. That since God of War is popular of here, no one will give a fuck. I just don't know.

Another thing that worries me, I've never played a game from these guys. I heard Heavenly Sword was meh. I'm not ok with meh. Let's say that Capcom announces that the next Street Fighter(like in next ten years XD) and it will be developed by Ed Boon and the MK crew(as a bonus, Ryu will now look like Justin Bieber to cater to the general public).

How would anyone tell a SF fan that he/she shouldn't be pessimistic and downright pissed off when he/she hears something like that?

I know I'm not giving them a fair chance here, since Ninja Theory and Capcom are catering to a different audience that isn't so anal about shit like the fighting game fans are. And talking about Ninja Theory specifically, Dtoid staff and people like Topher Cantler have gone on record saying their other game down the pipeline, Enslaved, is amazing(even a strong GoTY contender). That gives me hope for at least the gameplay. I'm just a bit worried for now.

And why is Dante's hair brown if his Mom was blonde and father was white-haired? Just throwing that out there.

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