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de BLOO avatar 4:48 PM on 04.18.2010  (server time)
Some more SSF4 tidbits.

Oh god, I'm tweaking over here. I need this game now and forever.

Anyway, a bunch of stuff pertaining to this game NOW

Cody's theme is so god damn awesome. Can't wait for the OST to drop.

Also My main in Vanilla is Akuma. He was good to me, but I wanna drop him. But recently his new ultra has been stirring shit up about it actually being useful. As this video shows:

I'll probably still dabble with him.

But as you most of you know, Guy is really peaking my interest. He's looking really strong, and it seems he doesn't really need ultras to do good damage. His U1 is looking like the most useful one, as this video helps illustrate.

All that damage, on Sagat no less. And in that combo Guy used 3 EX meters, which is a waste but you don't need to do EX shoulder check, the light punch version goes fast enough to do the same thing. So 2 bars for over 500 damage is great news for me. Guy has always put people in the corner easily in past games, and in Super it won't be different. Just get used to being in the corner against me, Dtoiders. ;p

Now let's talk about the bonus people get if you've played SF4. It's 2 colors and help. Help is letting you unlock all the colors and taunts for your character faster, how it'll do it exactly I don't know yet. The colors are numbered 11 and 12. 11 is the inkblot effect present in the PC version of SF4. 12 will be a "sketch" effect that is seen in all the new SSF4 character artwork.

Of course I have a video. This one shows the 12th color in action. It looks cool.

Please Lord(Niero), send me a woman(copy).

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