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de BLOO's blog

10:23 PM on 04.10.2010

New podcast also SSF4 stuff

First of all, Dtoider Avalon made this header for me, Cataract then stole it and-he-made-a-blog-so-now everyone-thinks-he-had-it-first-but-I-really had-it-first-and-now-it-wont-be-as-epic-now-since-most-of-you-have-seen-it.

Anyway, Y0j1mb0 made us do a podcast thing.

Here is a preview of it. <---yes we are that cheap.



It's supposed to be me, KD, RAB, and Cataract but DRAMA LLAMA happened so it's not Cataract and we got Wry Guy in there for a bit instead. Just be ready for mindless rambling from all of us, especially me.

Also Cowboy Ken.

And Makoto is looking really good.


Also also look at this fucking hitbox


I'm really excited to play as Guy, everyone that knows of my SSF4 anticipation can tell you they're fucking sick of me talking about it. I'm really itching to play this fucking game already.


I can't wait to do those combos on all of you.   read

6:59 PM on 03.22.2010


Guys! I can't hold much longer!

Pink T.Hawk....he's come back... nobody tell Tactix....


Oh yeah here's the full intro sequence for SSF4


April 27th.

Game of forever.   read

8:09 PM on 03.09.2010

Hakan is REVEALED.

That's right bitches, what did I tell ya? GDC did in fact "OIL UP"


Oil Coaster is the best thing ever.

Also Hakan vs Juri footage


Hype has reached full capacity.

I wonder what character Hakan is ripping off of? I'll let the haters figure that one out :D   read

2:24 PM on 03.07.2010

Justin Wong Demo's Ibuki, Makoto, and Dudley.

I searched the Cblogs, and no one posted this.

So I'll do eet I guess.





Dudley(A true Gentlemen lets the ladies go first!)


Dudley is looking beast.


The recent SSF4 blog from Capcom Japan hints at Hakan's reveal will be at GDC.

Besides Portal 2 and the possible announcement of GoW3 for next year(MS won't let them compete with Halo, in essence themselves.), GDC is gonna oil up!   read

4:32 PM on 02.06.2010

Summary of SSFIV new features.


That being said, I'm still hyped up for this game.   read

7:31 PM on 01.26.2010

My first NARP.

Dtoid Portland has Narps regularly but I never go to any of them. Most Dtoiders here are grown ass people and me being 17 made me reluctant to do anything. Until Scion of Mogo made it known things were gonna happen at his house, big things.

So I said something.

King3vbo offered me a ride and I took it, despite the quite clear possibility of desu desu rape and having to play BlazBlue and pretend to enjoy it(LOL JAY KAY, it's just not my jam guys). Dtoider Cheezeitz lives like 5 minutes away from me but we never bothered to meet up either, so I figured we could take the MAX(train thing) together to Portland. He's a great guy, glad I know him now.

Also riding the MAX for the first time was cool too I guess. Some guy tried to sell us a bus pass then proceeded to talk about Borderlands for 10 minutes.

We met at a huge mall, come to find out, me and Cheeze arrived like 30 minutes early. We to an arcade called tilt at the mall and played some games.They had my 2 favorite games to play in an arcade right next to each other. Shit was crazy.

Also got the high score on MSH vs SF!

We finally met up with King, Grumpy, Wedge, and Alex. We talked for a bit waiting on Toneman, but unfortunately he could make it out(Hope I can meet this guy soon) we piled up in King's car, known to many as the RapeVan. We picked up LostCrichton(This man is hilarious and very friendly) and got to driving. Now when I said Portland has grown ass people, I really felt it on this trip. All you could probably see is a scrawny little dude sandwiched in the back seat between Cheeze and Grumpytutrle(Great guy BTW).

Then something Crazy happened, LostCrichton and King started singing some Song from a Chip and Dale NES game. Shit was craaaaaaaazy. Grumpyturtle said what was on everyone' mind in the back seat. :D

Anyway, I'm like writing shit down play by play(fuck that), so I'll just post a bunch of pics instead!!!

Me and Wedge playing some pool while Alex and Cheeze get to play a great NES title called, I think, Super Spike Volleyball

Me and Bullettrain played this game for the first time against each other. We sucked pretty bad at it, I it was basically a race to see who could actually hit the ball and not miss serving it. I won, then immediately retired undefeated.

Grumpyturtle and King3vbo playing some NES games. I think this one was Ducktales. oh yeah, Grumpy brought the Total Recall game, so bad but so funny to see.

Much more happened, I just didn't take pictures(most people didn't either). King had a copy of TvC and we had a little tourney. Wedge being the trickster he is had been learning Tekkaman while the rest of where watching hilariously bad movies. King3vbo knocked me out of it I think. I didn't get a chance to play as one of the huge characters but this game is extremely solid. It's definitely worth getting.

More fightans stuff. Wedge, Bullet, and me had some great sessions of 3rd Strike and CvS2. This was my first time playing CvS 2 and I gotta say this game is amazing, of course I just went with characters I was familiar with but I soon got a team going on I was getting ok with(Ken/Joe/Dan). I hope CvS2 gets a XBLA/PSN port or even better yet, a sequel. Also played SF4 but that was no fun, I was winning easily pretty much against everyone(I'd rather play people better than me when I really get interested in a fighting game).

Then some BlazBlue happened >.< I just spammed low jab :D King3vbo has good knowledge with all the characters in it. He beat me pretty soundly. We played KoFXII, I got a good team going on (Ralf/Joe/Kyo) but no one seemed to like the game enough to actually play for more than 5 minutes.

Sunday(last day) sucked. I woke up to Grim(Dtoider Editor Grim) in his car leaving. I had forgotten about something special I wanted to do. I wanted everyone to sign my copy of Mike Tyson's Punch Out before I sent it Coonskin. Wedge and Alex left too. TT______TT Regardless I got it signed by everyone left there and it should be on it's way to Coon now. :)

Oh yeah, I left with more than I came with. Bullettrain gave me a a street Fighter artbook. It's very nice. He also had a lot of copies of Bayonetta with him. There's a crazy story of that somewhere in the forums. Short story is Amazon gave him 12 copies for free.

Scion makes the best waffles. He really treated us like kings the whole weekend. Many thanks and kudos to this man! I hope he come up to Portland soon.

Overall, this was a great experience to meet such awesome people and just STFUAJPG with. Can't wait for another meet up. I encourage more of you folks to get together, even if you live in bumfuck nowhere, I'm sure there's Dtoiders everywhere by now to just get a litle bit going. You wont regret it!

Here's to great guys like King3vbo, LostChrichton, CrocBox, Cheezeitz, Scion of Mogo, Wedge, Alex, and of course Bullettrain(feel free to slap me across the face with a giant trout if I forgot to mention you!). Best group of people to pop this narp cherry

Also going to Popeye's with the likes of King3vbo, LostChricton, Grumpyturtle and Cheezeitz was surreal for some weird reason.
Also Also, Grumpyturtle has a video that I recorded during the first night. Should be on the Cblogs soon!   read

9:44 PM on 01.21.2010

So Podtoid 134 was the best one yet guys.


Credit goes to Gobun for the pic, Munnyman5 for the vid.

Thread where the magic happened!


7:04 PM on 01.18.2010

Super Street Fighter 4 Collector's Edition? File it under maybe.

If I'm not hyping up the game in this blog, you'll find me linking Capcom-unity stuff. But today's a bit different, being I have a direct hand[sorta, not really] the happenings this time.

I made a thread over at the "Ask Capcom" section of the Capcom-unity forums asking if a CE was in the works.

Here's the scoop:

Christian "Sven" Svensson: V.P. of Strategic Planning & Business Development(Basically making sure the factory stays on)

I've been speaking to our licensing team about doing something "Special" on the Capcom store for fans. We'll see what they cook up.

Seth "S-Kill" Killian: Senior Manager of Community/Special Advisor to Super Street Fighter IV(Capcom's Playboy)

We had a meeting about some ideas with Ono-san, and we're going to see what's possible for the true believers. Retailers might think there's not interest in CE, but I think they dunno SF fans quite as well as we do :D


Well my friend, it seems a Collector's Edition is in the realm of possibilities with the Capcom store possibly being the main/only way to nab one.

And now a video on Guy, one of the new characters that I'm most interested in from the confirmed roster. But who knows if that'll change ; )

[embed]160882:26658[/embed]   read

10:03 PM on 01.11.2010

I just won at SF4 for forever[sorta].

So when I read this blog I was all like

"Yo lemme play this Dan foo and see where it goes"

then I was all


So then I was playing Dan and after 5 minutes I found myself in a G1 Final match with him.


Also, Dan's in his strongest iteration in 4, so there Cataract I nullified you're trollan attempt before you could do it.


Also the "sorta" part, watch this(some of youse have prolly seen it but fuck it) This is how you really win at SF4 FOREVER

[embed]160223:26460[/embed]   read

12:09 PM on 12.31.2009

Some of the best fighting game matches of 2009.

Quick heads up, mostly SF4, the rest is kinda weak. Be sure to link some videos in the comments!

This year has been great, the level of play is still top notch, the amount of people going at it in a lot of the games has grown, and the "hype" seems to be stronger. Now let's see some of the matches that really stand out. I play 4 and HD remix regularly, no surprise I'm gonna start with these. And Street Fighter 4 being "the game" this year at EVO, SBO, Devastation, etc. has too many great matches to fit, so I'm sure I'll miss a vid THAT HAS TO HERE >.<

Street Fighter IV

SBO 09 2v2 Team Makoto(Vega) & Dan(Ryu) vs Team Ojisan Boy(Sagat) & Tokido(Akuma)

Take notes free touch, this Makoto guy beat the #1 Akuma in Japan and the #2 Sagat in Japan in the match USING VEGA. I always thought Vega was utter crap, but this vid(even if Tokido and Ojisan made some bad mistakes) really fleshes out how good he can be in the right hands.

Alex Valle(Ryu) vs SaBrE(Sakura) EVO 2009 5 on 5 Regionals

RAB was there, I was watching intently on the livestream. This match was a highlight of the whole event. Alex Valle. One of the best Ryu's in the world. Got beat. By Sakura.

'nuff said.


Mike Ross being Mike Ross, fucking GODLIEK. This vid proves it's never over if you have ultra meter, and the guts to use it.

de BLOO's personal favorites

What are my tastes in SF4 matches? HILARITY, BROKEN ENGRISH, AND HYPE.

Arcade Infinity: Team BBA vs Team Kaiote Uppercut

SoCal is where most fun happens in any fighting game. Believe that.

BattleField Arcadia 9: Lincoln(Akuma) VS Shine(Gouken)

This Shine player is something else, he's 15 ANDDDD was playing with a wireless 360 controller. This was his 1st offline tournament, and was able to get 2nd in a tourney that had some of East Coast's best SF4 players. He's one to look out for in the future folks. Also Chris Hu is the messiah match commentators needed.

Rico Suave (Abel) vs Mariodood (SON AFF A BEECH BYSON) @ Adnan's Bar Fight #sf4

Rico Suave is a pad player, Mariodood is pretty great. Rico Suave's taunt is beast. This vid shows how hype can change directions so very fast. Chris Hu only makes this better.

Aqua Silk (Zangief) vs Rico Suave (Abel) First to 5 money match

This is what Street Fighter is all about for the scene regulars...So much hype in the room. BE SURE TO WATCH THE REST OF IT.

Final Round XII: Kensou (C.Viper) vs Liston (Sagat)

Never let this video die. EVAR.

SF3: Third Strike

Kuroda (GO) vs ETE (DU) - [GGPO]

Kuroda proving you will never fucking touch him on 3s. Some great Akuma set ups you've prolly never seen before too.

SBO '09/3s Final:Rikimaru(CH)/Boss (YU)/Momochi(MA) vs Ochibi(YU)/KO(YA)/ Tokido(Chun-Li)

Excellent play by all involved here. I need to learn Makoto. Also Tokido smiles for the's kinda creepo status.

HD Remix
What've I got so far.




Kusumondo vs. Otochun / Suzuki Guile

The folks over at Japan are still playing the classics son, and this match is astonishing. The tide turns so easily in this game, players really got be on it all the time, and it makes it very entertaining to watch.

baby nine (Honda x3) vs. Tsuji (Boxer x2, Fei)

Amazing Honda. Amazing Balrog. Amazing Fei Long.

Marvel vs Capcom 2

MvC2: VDO (Rogue/Ken/Colossus) vs Potter (Storm/Sentinel/Cable) [at Evo2k9 7-18-09]

MvC2 at it's best, hyped up. Another story of David vs Goliath, VDO is using low tier characters, which in a game like marvel takes some balls. Also the ending commentary is BROTASTIC but nonetheless hilarious.

EVO09 Marvel VS Capcom 2 - Justin Wong VS Sanford

Added the related vids so you can see the whole match if you want. Sanford is a beast, and that finish... perfect ending for that tourney.

Tatsunoko vs Capcom


The Japanese are known for their control in matches, but in this vid they show they can clutch it out as well. I'm both amazed and horrified by how beast Ryu is in this game. I WASSS gonna go in this Ryu/Zero but now it looks like I'll switch him out for Chun or Frank West.

GX (Casshern/Roll) vs. Dirty 0 (Karas/Casshern)

Roll is god tier.


Please excuse me, I stopped playing this game after a month(let's just say it's not my jam) and haven't been following it since. I was asking friends who play this and even they couldn't link me to a vid since most of them played it casually. I know how good this game is for the majority of those who read the Cblog(a few of you go out of you're way to ALWAYS compare it to SF4. Fuck you/die in a fire <3), link some vids!

Here's the best I could collect.

Arcade Infinity Blazblue Tournament - Top 8 Soniti(RA) vs HellFromAbove(AR)

Pretty great match, the last rush was just craaaaazy.

Wehha (Bang) vs usvmh4bm8 (Bang)


BBCS GC 11/25 Battle for Bang Supremacy Dora vs Shadow

I know guys, that wasn't enough Bang(you can never have enough really) so here's moar BANG, but this time played a bit more serious. Watch the rest of the set,watch the fucking youtube playlist. My only regret after quitting BB was not learning BANG.

I KNOW, Tekken 6, Soul Calibur 4, and KoFXII aren't on this blog. Well I don't really look into those fighters, so I wouldn't know what to even post about it. Feel free to link some vids/ make your blog about them.

Unless you need them to be here in order to validate your tastes(read: OhMiGOD YOU DIDNT PUT A VIDEO(GAME) I LIKE SO I HATE YOU).

I'm sorry, I can't help you there.   read

7:34 PM on 12.01.2009

SSF4 will NOT use GGPO.

I know I'm making a blog a day now, but this is pretty important.

Remember that old post I made?

I've got bad news.

Capcom V.P., Christian Svensson, says no games currently in development will be using GGPO technology for online networking, including Super Street Fighter 4. Excluding Final Fight on XBLA/PSN, which is just a port in essence.

Here are his comments from the Capcomunity.

With the recently announced Final Fight for PlayStation Network and XBox Live Arcade having GGPO, is it safe to assume all games released around this time or any after wards will be using GGPO?

Sven: Probably, but to set expectations, there's nothing in development using it currently. We had to port GGPO to the XBox 360 and PlayStation 3 which was not trivial. Being able to get value from that exercise in future projects would make sense.

If not, will it at least be a new standard for downloadable games on XBLA and PSN that has online to use GGPO?

Sven: I'm afraid of the word "standard" because it brings with it an absoluteness that just isn't appropriate in the world of game development. Suffice to say, our US team now has considerable experience working with GGPO tech and I'd suspect it will be a candidate for future XBLA/PSN efforts coming out of this office, but it will always be case by case.

We've worked closely with Tony on this project (and he's generously helped give guidance on prior projects too). Trust me when I tell you, There are a lot of advocates of the technology in this office (me being one of them).

Will Super Street Fighter 4 be using GGPO?

Sven: I suspect the first statement above is sufficient to provide the answer to this question.


Well I'm glad. I know I said GGPO was great, but the more I played online with it, the more I started to hate it.

It basically lies to you, in many moments, especially in trading or wake up situations. And when it's very laggy teleporting is fucking worse than in SF4.

I'm sure the team in Japan is making something better, or at least on par with GGPO.   read

8:03 PM on 11.30.2009

More SSF4 tidbits!

A Capcom staff member has recently confirmed that there will be new alternative costumes in Super Street Fighter 4 and that the old alternatives outfits will also be compatible with the new game.

via tweetur

Good news for me, I spent like 8 bucks on costumes!

And in Capcommunity's forums had some questions for Seth Killean.

He's responded to some. I'm just gonna share the only interesting one.

In the character poll for Street Fighter 4, let's say that Cammy wasn't selected and Dudley won instead. If this happened, would there have been an extra character in Street Fighter 4?

Can Capcom tell us if Guy, Adon, and Cody will have the same moves and button inputs as they did in the Alpha series?

And can you say if you're planning on making Seth stronger?

Seth: To the first question, no, there wouldn't have been an extra character in SFIV, but there would have been a different character (with Dudley replacing someone else).

As for the Alpha characters move sets, there are some additions and changes, but anyone familiar with the characters original moves will be able to jump right in.

As for Seth... we'll just have to wait and see on that one.


What does this mean?

Adon, Cody, and Guy will play very similar to their alpha series, with most people being able to jump in and play if they are very familiar with each characters past iterations(I'm thinking KD Alpha's Guy is gonna be pretty good since he won a lot of tourneys with him in Alpha 3/ Cataract is always raving how beast his Adon is in Alpha 2, WE'LL SEE IF HE CAN PASS THE TRAIL OF THE DRAGONS IN SSF4 >:D).

Infact, has translated some pretty good stuff better informing us on the new alpha characters, Adon in particular.

"Regarding Adon in particular, Ono notes that in Alpha 3, you could change the character's move set based off your choice of one of three izms (playing styles). SFIV has no izm system in place, but they're hoping to pull moves from the Adon's various izms into the game.

As an example, Ono mentions the possibility of putting Adon's X-ism mid air jaguar kick into his standard move set. They're currently running through tests of this form."

And that mid air jaguar kick is in the trailer if you've missed it by any chance. Looks like Adon's moves, as well as most characters at this point, getting fine tunned. And the netcode is getting some work on. I'm glad to hear that.   read

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