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de BLOO's blog

11:26 PM on 07.26.2015

No pressure guys but if you don't buy Streets of Rage 2 on 3DS

We will never be friends.   read

7:39 PM on 07.27.2010

Combo Videos aren't about getting the most hits anymore, or even any at all.

The first combo video I saw back in 06 when I just got an internet, If you want a really fleshed out article on the subject, Maj is your guy. This guy has been a combo vid connoisseur for a long time now. It seems to me l...   read

10:40 PM on 07.17.2010

"Forums are down for quick maintenance, hang tight!"

Liars. 3+ years and Dtoid still can't upgrade their site without fucking everything up. Some of us don't give a fuck about the front page(well ok Sundays with Sagat is pretty good, so is anything Kauza writes) or the C-blog...   read

8:44 PM on 05.19.2010

Last call to play in this tournament!

It's pretty much been a month since Supa's release, time to street fight for cereals. It will have your standard singles tournament. And now Team Battles! SINGLES RULES 1. No character is off limits. To encourage players...   read

4:48 PM on 04.18.2010

Some more SSF4 tidbits.

Oh god, I'm tweaking over here. I need this game now and forever. Anyway, a bunch of stuff pertaining to this game NOW Cody's theme is so god damn awesome. Can't wait for the OST to drop. Also My main in Vanilla is Akum...   read

10:23 PM on 04.10.2010

New podcast also SSF4 stuff

First of all, Dtoider Avalon made this header for me, Cataract then stole it and-he-made-a-blog-so-now everyone-thinks-he-had-it-first-but-I-really had-it-first-and-now-it-wont-be-as-epic-now-since-most-of-you-have-seen-it. ...   read

6:59 PM on 03.22.2010


Guys! I can't hold much longer! Pink T.Hawk....he's come back... nobody tell Tactix.... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Oh yeah here's the full intro sequence for SSF4 April 27th. Game of forever.   read

8:09 PM on 03.09.2010

Hakan is REVEALED.

That's right bitches, what did I tell ya? GDC did in fact "OIL UP" Oil Coaster is the best thing ever. Also Hakan vs Juri footage Hype has reached full capacity. I wonder what character Hakan is ripping off of? I'll let the haters figure that one out :D   read

2:24 PM on 03.07.2010

Justin Wong Demo's Ibuki, Makoto, and Dudley.

I searched the Cblogs, and no one posted this. So I'll do eet I guess. Ibuki Makoto Dudley(A true Gentlemen lets the ladies go first!) Dudley is looking beast. Also, The recent SSF4 blog from Capcom Japan hin...   read

4:32 PM on 02.06.2010

Summary of SSFIV new features.

That being said, I'm still hyped up for this game.   read

7:31 PM on 01.26.2010

My first NARP.

Dtoid Portland has Narps regularly but I never go to any of them. Most Dtoiders here are grown ass people and me being 17 made me reluctant to do anything. Until Scion of Mogo made it known things were gonna happen at his hou...   read

9:44 PM on 01.21.2010

So Podtoid 134 was the best one yet guys.

Credit goes to Gobun for the pic, Munnyman5 for the vid. Thread where the magic happened! ALSO FORUM MOA YOU ASSHATS.   read

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