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Well, Final Fantasy XIII is coming to XBOX360!! Woot! Woot! Party time! I guess I don't have to waste $500 on a PS3!

Okay, that was my initial reaction, after seeing Chad's post.

Are you serious? Nevermind. I guess I don't have to waste $60 buying FF XIII.

Now you've seen my second reaction, to Jim's post showing the trailer.

Now, I know it's just a trailer and it is probably composed of mainly cut scenes, but based on that and the general direction the games have taken as of late I think it's time to overhaul the series before it gets any worse. I feel qualified to talk about this as I have played and beat every Final Fantasy ever made, except FFII for NES and FFXI. Though I consider FFXI a further departure from the series than a game like Tactics, hence it doesn't deserve a roman numeral.

1. Whiny She-male protagonists - It started with Cloud, but at least he grew out of it. I think it's about time they mix up this piece of the formula. Cecil was a full grown, adult dark knight in charge of an entire air force. What was wrong with that? Can the average video game player not relate to a full grown powerful warrior? I think they can. FFVI didn't really have a main character, but a vast array of fully developed characters that I could choose to relate to. However, we've since been forced to take control of an idiotic teenager, who, except in the case of Zidane, I didn't even like until at least half way through the game, and in the case of Vaan and Tidus, even at the end of the game. I know XIII's main character is a chick, but she's still a she-male. I am curious to see how this pans out.

2. Oh World Map, where art thou? - I know it's not as realistic, but c'mon. I likes my world maps. And if we really want to talk about realism in a Final Fantasy game, let's talk about those warp points that magically transport me from one place to another.

3. Good/No voice acting - If it ain't broke don't fix it. If it is, throw it out. Voice acting isn't a necessary part of a game. A good soundtrack and text boxes got the job done for years, and though Lost Odyssey did use voice, their 1000 years of dreams sequences proved that text is a powerful medium. That being said, voice can add to a game. However, we've seen it too often take so much away.

4. Item/Accessory/Weapon/Job Micromanagement - Or lack there of, I should say. FFV - Jobs; FFVI - Espers; FFVII - Materia; FFVIII - Drawing Magic FFIX - Learning skills via equipping weapons; FFX - Switching Characters during battle to let them gain experience; FF XII - looting, setting gambits, the license board. nuf said. BTW - FFIV was perfect in this regard.

5. Under powered Guns - Guns make people who use swords look like idiots. However, guns generally suck. Seems backward to the world we live in. I'll take a gun, you can have a sword. Boom, you're dead. If someone is going to have a gun, make it deadly, at least. It looks like they're all over the place in XIII, so it's going to be interesting to see how they'll handle it.

6. Futuristic Setting - It seems like the technology in each game has become more and more sophisticated. From FFVI's had a steam-powered industrial age to the ridiculous technology present in the FFXIII trailer, does anyone else miss the days of when you had to get a "Floater" to make your ship fly. I'd like to see a departure into a more medieval setting, where my airship floats magically, rather than in any way that makes sense.

Well, that's about all I've got for now. Let's hear what you've got to say. Bring the hate![i]

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