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I am a universal gamer; the only games I don't play are bad games. That said, I do prefer racing games, monster-raising games, RPGs as a whole, and platformers. If you recommend me a game and aren't a fanboy about it, chances are I will give it a try.

My favourite game is Metal Gear Solid 3. My favourite game series is Phantasy Star.

I am saving up for a PS3, primarily for Metal Gear Solid 4, Little Big Planet, and Disgaea 3


It's been given the incredibly optimistic September 30th 2009.

Start preparing for the apocalypse now folks, we might actually get one at some point.

6:10 PM on 01.22.2009

This week, I finally gave in and tried Picross DS. I'd been avoiding it like the plague, because frankly, it looked incredibly boring.

See what I mean?

All you do is fill in squares; the amount of squares depending on the numbers around the edge. I don't know how big the grids go up to, as I haven't got very far. All I know is that it shouldn't be this good.

I've been playing it practically non-stop. And for a person that rarely spends more than half an hour at a time on a game, it's a very scary thing. I'm neglecting eating for it, that's how addictive it is.

Please help me get my life back from this game - also, bring pizza; I'm hungry.