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david morgar
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Somebody hates Jim Sterling

Holy, shit! I know he isn't the nicest guy, but he managed to really piss someone off. Some poor soul has posted a petition to actually kick Jim out of Destructoid. He/She hasn't had any success, though, as nobody has signe...


Bioshock allegedly coming to PS3

I just wanna add that I don't want this to be considered a war enticing post. I don't care for fanboyism, and if I seem a bit ignorant on Xbox 360 games it's because I don't own one. When I heard this rumor on Kotaku and IGN...


If you could buy 7 PS3 games...

My dad i going to the States next week and since i have enough money to buy 7 PS3 games I wonder if you guys could give me any suggestions. I live in Guatemala, and here games are so fucking expensive, it's not even worth it ...


New kick-ass PC!!!

Hey, I only signed in to the place to get a PC! I wonder how many others did the same... I've been thinking lately how the gaming industry has turned average people into greedy nerds... I mean, i already got a PC. Not an am...


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