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darrenhupke's blog

1:05 AM on 07.25.2015

How to Ruin a Kickstarter Game Campaign!

Hi! So you want to ruin a videogame Kickstarter campaign, do ya? Well, follow these steps and your sure-fire, high profile project could cling to life support and risk missing your minimum funding target! Take a classic cons...   read

5:44 PM on 06.17.2015

Interesting Co-Developments: A Different Thought For Nintendo Fans

Interesting Nintendo Co-Developments   This year, it wasn’t a surprise at all that Nintendo’s E3 showing was a let down. I’ve been soured by Nintendo’s decision making for years. They are mak...   read

9:53 PM on 06.15.2015

The PlayStation Announcements You Shouldn't Forget

Wow, Sony, thanks for the wall to wall games. The Last Guardian. Final Fantasy VII Remake. Assassins's Creed. Star Wars Batlefront. Uncharted 4. I will be talking about none of those games in this post, because why shoul...   read

2:35 PM on 06.15.2015

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility, The REAL Deal; UPDATED

E3 2015 is here, and so that means overreactions to announcements will be filling our Facebook and Twitter feeds all week. I'd like to take some time to bring a realistic look at select announcements (along with the exci...   read

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