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11:12 AM on 03.16.2009

Scapegoat Video Games

Video games to most are a bit of fun. A way of relaxing or a way to take out your fustrations in some cases. Most people if not all know the difference between right and wrong. So where does it state that video games teach people how to fire a gun or how to do a proper karate kick?

The average age of a Gamer is 25-35 which is why we have the Grand Theft Autos, Dooms and heaven forbid Leisure Suite Larry games. The developers are obviously going to aim their games at who buys the games/who actually plays them. The problem that we have is that games DON'T come with an official Certification (well some do GTA being one of them) which means anyone can go out and purchase said game. Also parents don't actually take the time to look at what the game is. The child/kid/teenager will go "I want that one" and then their parent will just purchase it and hand it over. Then what happens is you get that stupid moron playing the game like it was a life support machine, to then get it into their head that it is ok to do this for real.

Take a few years back when some dumb american kid picked up a sniper rifle and started pot shotting drivers in a car... then stating that GTA 3 inspired him; or recently the shootings in Germany. The media is stating that Farcry 2 is to blame.

Personally I think it is the parents to blame for being so blind they don't pay attention to what is in the content or they know but pay no attention to it. These are the people that are to blame. NOT the developers and publishers. You then get jackass people like Jack Thompson who is to blame for trying to get every GTA game from being published along with previous games such as Mortal Kombat back in the 1990s.

The Media has recently called Resident Evil 5 a racist game yet they haven't exactly got their facts right has they haven't spent the time playing the game.

In total Video Games are used as a Scapegoat to the problems in todays society because of the content of such games as Gears of War, where as in the past it was movies or even music even earlier than that. Basically because Video Games are the in thing at the moment then they are to blame for the problems in life.. Maybe people should look at what is going wrong with the world before pointing the finger at an innocent target.

Note: Please be kind this is my first post.   read

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