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Well, you knew people would find out someday. Apparently Japanese Company Capcom hates black people. How else can you explain the reason behind the latest Resident Evil game taking place in Africa? Sure they give you the Marketing Bullshit like "They are Zombies, we here at Capcom are not racist", but we know in our gut, that they might as well just call this game "Redneck Heaven" because that is just what this game is.

Even the inclusion of a second character who is "multicultural", does not stop this game from being a Murder Killing Simulator, Capcom is systematically trying to brainwash the entire world, by turning us against "them" one game at a time. You think you are not affected? But I assure you, you are; did you not feel like punching Spanish people after playing Resident Evil 4? Did you not want to Kill "Mecha Hitler" after playing Bionic Commando? Didn't you feel like killing the developer after playing Lair and Too Human? I rest my case.

I know we as a community are very vocal, when compared to the fans of Films, Music or even new Gadgets, we are the most active. In the midst of all of this arguments, we sometimes lose perspective on what is important. This does raise interesting questions, if you are being mugged, and you fight back, are you racist if the mugger is Black or White? If you are in a state where zombies are trying to eat your brains -and its obvious that they are zombies because no sane person wants to eat someone else's brain- and they are black, are you racist if you put a bullet in their head?

We may make silly jokes here and there about being racist, or about someone we know who makes racist comments, but once you open that door, when you accuse one video game of being racist, should you not research other games to see if they are also racist?. What about the promotion of Afro Samurai and Church's Chicken, is that not racist? or GTA San Andreas, where gangs are stereotyped according to race?

I know I can't properly argue about race, I certainly would understand if someone feels offended by these games, but since I have never faced discrimination of that kind, I have nothing to bring to this argument. I do believe that we should have a proper discussion about this, away from the Video Game websites, away from any sort of News program or blog. It should be a couple of guys, locked in a room, who can come to a conclusion in an eloquent manner. To the media -whether it be blogs or journalists- this is just another story, one they never bother to follow up anymore because it stops being interesting. And the minute this gets onto Fox News, you can bet your ass the sales of this game will go through the roof, more than the usual anyway.

Another gem from SarcasticGamer.
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