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I remember a year ago, people all over the forums were screaming death of the Wii. Many said that the Nintendo Wii was a fad, that it was a dust collector and would soon be forgotten. Twelve months have come and gone, so far the hype has not died down, could the prophecies have been wrong?

When I first heard about the Wii, I was very excited. I think in a game, we should focus more on gameplay rather than graphics, and the Wii had wonderfully innovative way of playing games. I put my faith on them, even when I found out that Red Steel was not the revolution that I had hoped it would be, and even thought Twilight Princess was a good game, it tacked on unnecessary motion controls. While Wii Sports was a nice preview for how motion controls could be used, eventually every single game started implementing random waggling instead of implementing proper motion controls.

I don't try to understand why people like the Wii, but I have always believed that most consumers are idiots. How else can we explain Paris Hilton becoming a celebrity and Carnival Games selling more than 1 million copies on the Wii. I certainly can't blame Nintendo for going after the casual gaming market, no one even thought there was a casual gaming market untill a couple of years ago. If they had simply made another generic upgrade of the Gamecube, not as many people would have bought it, hardcore gamers will go for the Xbox and the Playstation because they find the familiar games there, whereas Mario and Zelda are perceived as childish games.

Moments like this -when Wii music sells more copies in a month than LittleBigPlanet- questions my faith on humanity. Nintendo wont come up with better games than their age old franchises because that is what sells, because people are perfectly happy with their sub-par mini game collections, just like people are perfectly fine with selling their new games to Gamestop for a quarter of their price and then buying second hand games at twice their market price. I do worry about the fact that if the Wii owners don't demand better games, then the first or the third party developers wont be encouraged to innovate.

However having said all that, I would still buy a Wii. Even though it has only a handful of good games, the backwards compatibility with the Gamecube and the Virtual Console means that I can enjoy the old games I never got to play. So in a way, for newcomers, the Wii is a very good investment. The problem is people don't buy the good games, they don't buy games like No More Heroes. I know a particularly intelligent gamer who buys an Xbox 360 for Halo and will buy Naruto: Clash of Ninja and Lost in Blue for his Wii because he thinks Mario's story of saving the princess is childish.

At the end of the day, things like the Wii motion plus and Madworld gives me hope, hope that people can find new ways to bring us better games. I do hope that the people who are starting to enjoy video games buy an Xbox or a Playstation and that they demand better online services from Nintendo. But then again, I am perfectly happy with my Playstation, and I wont have to worry about the Wii till after I get an Xbox, Im keeping my fingers crossed for a Wii with a hard disk.

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