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5:24 AM on 03.12.2010

Lunar Silver Star Harmony Review + Podcast!

Got the next episode of Hyper Knee out, for anyone interested. We cover a decent amount of video game news this time around, review Lunar Silver Star Harmony, bash a terrible game in our Bad Game of the Week segment, and show some love to a classic in Blast From the Past. If you liked the past episodes, I hope you'll take the time to check this one out too!   read

4:59 AM on 03.05.2010

My Review of Mega Man 10 in Hyper Knee Episode 2

Up to the second episode of the gaming podcast that I am featured in (as Mega Buster). In this one, I give a pretty in-depth review of Mega Man 10. On top of that, we talk a bit in general about Mega Man. Then of course, Bad Game of the Week, some video game news, and Blast From the Past. I think anyone interested in getting a second opinion on Mega Man 10 should check this episode out (and the review is the first thing that comes up, so you don't even have to wait that long for it, and by all means if you enjoy the review and want to hear more, feel free to listen to all 45 minutes of it)!   read

3:23 PM on 03.01.2010

Just beat Mega Man 10! Amazing Game! GO GET IT!

Hey there, I just completed Mega Man 10! The game was great! If you don't plan on playing it (which is terrible), but are interested, I got the ending right here (First on YouTube, hooray)!

[embed]165461:27899[/embed]   read

4:45 AM on 03.01.2010

New Gaming Podcast - Hyper Knee!

Knocking the gaming industry off screen for the first time ever!!! In this episode, Kid Starstorm and Mega Buster bring you an in-depth wrap up of Mass Effect 2, discuss a few up and coming releases such as Metroid: Other M, Cave Story, Mega Man 10, Sonic 4, and in addition to current video game related news, you'll be up to date with the current stinker of the week from the segment "Bad Game of the Week" and a retro classic coming back at you from "Blast From the Past"!

We'll be updating weekly through this site if you're interested in hearing more (or if you would prefer to stream the feed as opposed to using the above URL which I believe makes you download it to your computer):   read

10:19 PM on 03.04.2009

Video Games '09

I originally came into the year 2009 with feelings of doubt. I originally began with the thought that this year would once again be another lackluster year for video games, especially my favorite genre, the RPG.

To recap really quick, last year I only bought and played a handful of games. Out of the entire year I only bought seven games: Super Smash Bros Brawl, Lost Odyssey, Ninja Gaiden II, Final Fantasy IV Remake, Castle Crasher's, Tales of Vesperia, and Prince of Persia. Out of those seven I only really enjoyed four of them, although a friend did let me borrow No More Heroes and that was a lot of fun. Anyway, there's no time for a tangent, all in all I had a very miserable gaming year in 2008. I think I played WoW for like six months straight without touching my consoles, that's how bad it was. I don't even like WoW. Normally I buy about ten to twelve games per year, if not more. Though I've noticed that number steadily declining year after year.

I figured this year it would only get worse, with less and less game companies catering to gamer's like me. I was under the impression that there would be more first and third person shooter games that lack originality, more redundant free roaming nonsense, and a truckload of more gimmicky piece of shit casual garbage. However, I have been pleasantly surprised by the amount of games that have caught my interest this year.

January being the most lackluster month for me so far, there wasn't any game for me to pickup that month.

February was a good month, with three games being released that caught my interest. Unfortunately so far I've only been able to buy one of the two games due to funds, but it's all good. I'll get around to it eventually. I've been playing Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. It's another basic Fire Emblem game, that doesn't add much new content to the table, but that's fine in my book. If it isn't broke, don't fix it. I've been enjoying the game and pacing myself accordingly so that I don't beat it too quickly.

Then of course there's Street Fighter IV. I love Street Fighter games for the competition factor and schooling people over the internet. I can't wait to pick up my copy one of these days so I can get into it. I played a bit when my friend brought it over, and I really enjoyed it... and beat someone up online in the process.

I also want to play Dragon Quest V eventually as well, but since I'm not too crazy about DQ I think that can wait for when I have nothing to buy one month.

March actually only has one game thats been caught by my eye for many years now, and that would be Resident Evil 5. Granted, I have played the demo and I wasn't really blown away by it. The enemy AI isn't all that good, and I'm not crazy about the companion character. Really kills that whole sole survivor aspect to it. Oh well, apparently Capcom has a raging woody for throwing in a companion that only slows you down in Resident Evil game's. At least since the 4th installment, anyway. In the end though, I've been excited about this game for too long though to let minor nuances turn me away.

April is the month where I get my retro RPG fix (a fix that I haven't had craved since Lost Odyssey). I am definitely picking up Black Sigil: Blade of the Exiled. This one was actually under my radar until one night a friend of mine pointed it out to me and said "This would be a good game for you, I think." He was definitely right. Apparently the developer's are totally focused on giving it that 90's retro RPG feel, which is the best kind of feel I could ever ask for in a game, so yeah; to say that I'm really looking forward to this one would be a huge understatement. Possibly my Game of the Year if it turns out to be as awesome as it looks.

Then there's also another game I picked up an interest in just today, actually: The Dark Spire. This extremely old school style RPG comes out April 14th, the same day as Black Sigil, which means I'll have to pick this up another time because Sigil is one of those games I need to pick up on day one. That's not to say that I'm not really looking forward to playing this game. I've never played a first person dungeon crawling RPG, and I've always wanted to. The Dark Spire definitely looks like it aims to please, and not to mention I love grinding and extremely difficult games. I have beaten Ghosts and Goblins.

In May there's Punch Out! I've been aching for a new Punch Out! game since Super Punch Out! I still break out the old dust collector... I mean Wii... to play some Virtual Console Punch Out! every so often, and I've still yet to beat it. I have every intention to though, believe me, and I will. I love that they are adding in old school controls, because I'm really not crazy about that motion sensing junk. Just give me a new Punch Out! game where I can knock out some fools with buttons. Thanks Nintendo! I thought you completely hated your real fan base by this point, but I guess not!

There is something coming out in June... oh right! Champions Online. Now, I'm not much of an MMO gamer, but I have a thing for super hero games. I managed to play City of Heroes for about two years straight, and especially because I played it with some close friends of mine. I know the game probably won't be all that great, however since I'll be playing with my peoples it still ought to be a lot of fun for the simple fact of joking around and having a good time with my friends. I'll probably get a three month subscription, then hope there are some good games coming out at the end of the year. Champion's is basically my way of getting through the summer game draught.

That's already nine games, and that's not including stuff I'll find out about later on in the year, or just gems that I might have missed out on. I'm already doing better than '08 and I don't even know what games are coming past June! Excellent!

So how's everyone else's game list looking this year over '08's? I'm curious if I was the only one who had issue's with last year's games.

Oh, and I hope Cave Story releases on WiiWare as well. That would make ten games.   read

7:45 PM on 06.14.2008

My Ninja Gaiden II Review

Well I haven't really updated much (or been on the net at all) as of recent due to my
obsession with Ninja Gaiden II on the XBox 360. However since I'm slowly getting back
onto the next due to Master Ninja mode being quite unbearable at times, I've decided to put
up this review I wrote for it:

Let me begin by saying Ninja Gaiden II is an excellent achievement created by the
extremely talented Team Ninja. The first revamp of Ninja Gaiden on the XBox was a true
milestone in action gaming, and Ninja Gaiden II once more takes action gaming to the next

The gameplay of NGII is where it truly shines brightest. This isn't your simple button
mashing action game where the enemies are just walking dummies for you to rack high
combos on. The enemy AI is intelligent as it is brutal. In NGII you need to form excellent
tactics and maneuvers to out-class your enemy and take them down quickly and precisely.
The enemies come in sometimes in small packs and other times in swarms. The combat in
this game is incredible, with plenty of different combos to try out and a vast array of
weaponry. The Dragon Sword (default weapon) alone is versatile enough to make this
game highly enjoyable, add another bunch of weapons to the fray and you have yourself
an endless amount of possibilities and plenty of replay value to try out all the different
styles of play with your armory. Not to mention every weapon is upgradable through a
Shop/Blacksmith system that will further increase your selection of deadly combos. Also
introduced into NGII is the Obliteration Technique. A stylish attack that can be accessed
once one of your opponents limbs are chopped off during a melee scuffle. A simple tap of
the Y button will unleash a fatal attack against your enemy, and it's always sweet to watch
as the camera comes in close for a cinematic look at the gore. On the Acolyte setting this
game is very accessible to all players, and Warrior mode is a great start for the Ninja
Gaiden players and vets. Also in the gameplay section, there are some small platforming
elements to break up all the frantic fighting. It's a nice change of pace and gets the mind
off all the fighting for a bit. I'm also glad to say that there aren't any slow puzzles to get in
the way of the fast pace. Last but not least, this is stage based game, meaning it's linear in
design and for the most part is point A to point B. This is NOT a bad thing! The linear design
works perfectly, and in my opinion is a HUGE step up from the semi-open approach in the
original game.

Next up is the storyline. True Ninja Gaiden fans from back in the NES days will be able to
truly appreciate it, as it is a huge throwback to the series and, despite what many say, if
you read the Chapter Synopsis between every level the story will make perfect sense and
is actually quite enjoyable. To put it simple (and spoiler free): a mysterious woman
ambushes Ryu's village to steal one of the ancient artifacts under the protection of his clan.
With the artifact she goes around the world, resurrecting Greater Fiend's, and Ryu must put
a stop to them while tracking her down to stop the resurrection of the greatest evil of all,
the Archfiend. Ryu travels the world in true Ninja Gaiden fashion battling evil all along the

The graphics in Ninja Gaiden II aren't the greatest in the world, but they're definitely up to
par. Then of course, there's the silky smooth animations that just make all the violence and
gore that much more beautiful to behold. Speaking of gore, did I mention this game is
extremely bloody? With each attack Ryu has the possibility of dismembering a limb for his
enemy, and every enemy that you kill (minus a couple of fiends that dissolve), will stay in
the stage and you can just look at all the body parts that you hacked off from your
enemies. There is the occasional frame rate drop when the screen is just too packed with
enemies, but it actually makes for a pretty cool looking effect (and quite frankly it helped
me think better on what moves I intended to do next). However, I can't try and say it's a
positive aspect, unfortunately it is a bit disheartening to see lag in the game every now and
then. For the most part though, the game runs smoothly. I also should mention that there
are some very minor loading times in between levels.

The sounds of Ninja Gaiden II are spectacular. The slashing and chopping sound effects are
great, and it really makes the over the top gore and violence that much more fun. The
score is also very good, with action packed tracks that really get you into the action. One
especially good track to point out is "The Hero", a rocking track with a guitar in Chapter 6
that makes me want to slash werewolves to kingdom come.

All in all, Ninja Gaiden II is a true step up from the original, and if you learn how to play
you will realize that there really isn't any "cheap" stuff going on (as many will say, or at
least not on the Acolyte and Mentor settings), sure the rocket launcher pod ninja's are
extremely annoying, but there are plenty of ways to defeat them without even breaking a
sweat. The bosses are massive too! The replay value of this game is incredibly high. With
Tests of Valor to do, multiple difficulties, alternate colors for your costume, crystal skulls to
collect and many different weapons to try out. Ninja Gaiden II is an amazing
accomplishment to an amazing franchise, and I suggest anyone who loves action to get into
this right away. It's never a dull moment when Ryu Hayabusa is in the building!   read

9:12 AM on 06.02.2008

Your Favorite SNES Titles

As we all know, the Super Nintendo is arguably the greatest video game console ever
made, and is personally my favorite. I figured I would write my own Top Ten favorite SNES
games and why I like them.

Number 10: Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest

The first RPG I ever played. A lot of people downright hated this game, but my friends and
I loved it. Still do, actually. This game introduced to my once favorite genre: the RPG. The
storyline was very basic, and the game was very linear, but the music was fucking insane.
The final boss music is quite possibly some of the best music ever. FUCKING METAL!! This
game holds a special place in my heart, and my Top 10 wouldn't be complete without it.

Number 9: Secret of Evermore

If you played Evermore, then you know easily why it's in the place of the overrated Secret
of Mana. I played Evermore before Mana, and when I heard that Mana was better, I was
really excited. I played Mana, and still thought Evermore was easily one hundred times
better. Awesome characters, charming, simple storyline, fantastic music, and an awesome
companion that makes the term 'mans best friend' quite true. I love this game, and it easily
deserves its spot on my Top 10.

Number 8: Bahamut Lagoon

I bet a lot of you are saying "What?" Yeah, this game unfortunately was never released
here in the States (probably would be higher on my list if it was), but it is incredible. It is
probably one of, if not, the best strategy RPG ever created. This game had an incredible
story line, music, characters, and not to mention the Dragon Raising system. You would
feed your dragons certain things to increase certain stats, would in turn make them evolve
into different types of dragons. The system was so deep and so awesome, and I realized
the game was so good that I just needed to own the cart. I've beaten the game and played
through it a couple of times, even in Japanese the game is awesome. Seriously, play this
game if you haven't. English patches are all over the net. I hope this gets a rerelease on

Number 7: Mega Man X

The evolution of Mega Man came with a bang. This is probably by far one of the greatest
Mega Man games ever created, and it brought the Blue Bomber into glorious 16 bit, to top it
all off. This game featured awesome music, armor upgrades, a more bad ass Mega Man,
and a dismal future. Oh, and of course... Zero. This game is the definition of side scrolling
shoot up glory at its best. When it was released, I thought it was Mega Man 10. Fun fact!

Number 6: Super Mario World

What can I say? I don't have as much of a history as most with this game, but I still love it.
It's Mario, it's two players, it's pure fun, and the yellow cape is the best thing they ever
created (to only get rid of it in future installments). Mario also had a spin jump for extra
damage against certain enemies. This game didn't play, a very fun experience. Also
introduced Yoshi, who back then was awesome, until he turned gay.

Number 5: Super Mario RPG

ZOMG! My favorite genre, featuring one of my favorite characters. This game had pure
PWN all over it. I remember reading the same article in GamePro about this game OVER
and OVER again for about two months until its release. This game even made me put aside
death in the family. I didn't care for anything except this game, and with good reason. This
is by far one of the greatest RPGs EVER! The graphics were incredible, the story line was
fun, and the characters and world was just plain enjoyable. I love this game.

Number 4: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

When I finally acquired a Super Nintendo, this was the game bundled with it. Let me tell
you, one of the best Zelda games ever made. This game was probably the first huge game
I ever played. The music was great, the dungeons were intense, the boss battles were
awesome. This game has it all, in spades. This, in my opinion is the first incredible Zelda
game in the series. I don't really like the first one that much.

Number 3: Chrono Trigger

My third favorite SNES game, and third favorite RPG of all time. I received this game as a
present for getting second honors in the fourth grade, and boy was it worth it. This was the
most expensive SNES cartridge released. At the time it was 80 dollars, now I think the cart
goes for even more than that if you were to try and find it today. This game rules. Time
travel, awesome characters, incredible music, fantastic cast and the most unique story.
Chrono Cross doesn't even hold a candle to its predecessor. This game just straight up

Number 2: Final Fantasy IV (II in America at the time)

Number One RPG ever made, period. This isn't even up for debate. My lord, this game is
incredible. Amazing plot twists, unforgettable characters, and a score that destroys all. This
game had love triangles, best friends betraying one another, death to main characters (Eat
your heart out FF7), and awesome villains. Golbez is one of the greatest villains, if not the
greatest. This game is by far the most excellent RPG ever made, and the first game to
evolve Final Fantasy into the 16 bit era. This game is one of the most incredible feats for
mankind to achieve. Period, The End.

Number 1: Super Metroid

My all time favorite SNES and all time favorite game ever made, Super Metroid earns its
spot in my line up as number one in spades. I have beaten this game at least 200 times in
my life, and I still can't get enough of it. There's a million and one ways you can play this
game, and always new challenges and secrets that let me put my skills to the ultimate test.
The bosses are huge and difficult. The music is incredible. The atmosphere is perfect. Super
Metroid is the epitome of perfection in video games.

What are some of your favorite SNES classics? Let's see some lists!   read

12:46 PM on 06.01.2008

The Games to Look Out For (Summer 08 Edition)!

The Games to Watch For in 08 and 09!!

Garbage games come & go in the world of gaming (and are even hyped up), but great
games are always a hard thing to come by. However, we're reaching a
pretty fine season of good games on the horizon (and plenty of bad ones, so don't worry
about that). Now here I am, self-proclaimed Gaming Guru Extraordinaire... here to help you
on what to pick
and what not to pick in this summer edition of Games To Look Out For.

Definitely Don't Avoid: Ninja Gaiden II

Have you ever played the first one? Thought it was too hard? Fucking pussy, you're a mess
of a gamer. That's where NG2 comes in. This game is going to totally kick ass AND pussies
can still play it on the Easier difficulties! Now the losers of gaming can embellish in the
many joys of dismembering body parts and being a 105% complete bad ass. With sweet
costumes, and other DLC... what is NGII not going to have? Besides a hand that jerks you
while you play while tickling your asshole? I can't imagine... it's the follow up to one of my
greatest games ever made list, enough said.

Release Date: June 4th


Sorry Hulk, but you have to bear the burden of a movie licensed game, and that
automatically puts you on my SHIT LIST. Now, don't get me wrong, I believe this game will
be fun and entertaining. How can it not be? Going around destroying things in an open
world? Never done that before. No, seriously though... I'd pay like twenty bucks for it, but
sixty? Come on. Get real! Buy this when the price drops (and believe me that will happen
quick). I don't doubt this game won't get bad reviews, per-say, but I know it will just be one
of those games that you play... beat... do a little extra... then sell in a weeks time. Pretty
much any Marvel game you've ever played. Avoid Hulk! Wait a few months for it, then pick
it up cheap or rent it. Plus it's coming out the same day as Gaiden II, so what the hell would
you be picking up anything else for anyway?

Release Date: June 4th

Definitely Don't Avoid: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Yep, finally... all the PS3 boys have an exclusive they can call their own. A real reason to
own their hefty twenty-five pound system. Hell, even I want one for this game. After getting
garbage exclusives like Lair, and Haze... there's finally something to rejoice for. Finally, a
reason for having a PS3 (Minus NG:Sigma of course)! If you want to get the most out of
your PS3, you're going to want to buy this the day of release, because if it ever becomes
multi-platform your PS3 will once again collect dust and lose any value it ever had (until
FF13...I hope). Not to mention the game is going to be fucking sweet.

Release Date: June 12th

Definitely AVOID: Bourne Conspiracy

Again, movie based, and apparently the shooting mechanics aren't that good and when the
majority of the gameplay is shooting, it doesn't sound to me like it will add up. I love
Bourne, but I won't be buying this until I can get it for 20-30 bucks, tops. Plus I'm sure it's
going to be another short, uninspired movie game just like the rest of them. Worth picking
up in the bargain bin on a rainy day though. Plus it's coming out the day of NGII. Fuck you
going to get this for? Idiot!

Release Date: June 4th

Definitely Don't Avoid: Final Fantasy IV DS

Why? Fucking hell man, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure this out. Greatest RPG ever
made + new graphics + new story and dungeons + enhanced music = Greatest RPG ever
made +3. Magical Enhancement bonuses STACK too. Totally not an opinion either, fact.
Period, the end. BUY THIS GAME!!!!

Release Date: July 22nd

Definitely Avoid: Wall-E The Game

C'mon. Movie looks cute, but a game? I don't have to tell you twice!

Release Date: June 24th

Other Games to Highly Consider Not Avoiding (but they'll get their full coverage when their
times come):

Star Wars Force Unleashed (September 16th)
Prince of Persia (Q4 08)
Resident Evil 5 (March 09!)

Other Games to Consider Avoiding:

Just about everything else.

The summer of 08 looks like it's going to be a good time to be a gamer, without a doubt!
Games on the horizon!   read

7:54 AM on 06.01.2008

Already Love This Place...

Finally, after a long while of searching and always visiting mainstream sites like IGN and
GameSpot, I finally find a page with video game reviews that I can agree with. As a gamer
I've always wanted to find a page more meant for Gamers as opposed to the Casuals.
Reading the 9-8 Review score of Lost Odyssey pretty much did it for me, but then seeing
GTAIV get an 8 (a score much more reasonable and realistic as opposed to all the 100's and
10's) easily sealed the deal. It's a great relief to find a site like this that has similar tastes to
my own, and it's also a relief to know that as a Gamer I'm not a dying breed and there are
still people out there that appreciate great old school game's like Odyssey and give it the
score it truly deserves.

My hat's off to Destructoid... you've earned a new fan and visitor.   read

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