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dark-mullet avatar 10:27 PM on 12.04.2008  (server time)
VG Spoofs - The Best Free Live Action Online Show for Geeks Everywhere

I'm Steve Rudzinski and starting in June, and wrapping up in August, I released the first season of my online show, VG Spoofs. I'm currently working on Season Two, which is shaping up to be higher quality and much funnier. But I figured that it wouldn't be a horrible idea to try to advertise Season One a little more!

To let you know ahead of time, Episode 1 has been everyone's least favorite episode. So if you're wary of starting new things, PLEASE start with Episode 2. It's much better than Episode 1.

As the evil Shawn tries to take over the Virtual Galaxy (and then the world), the benevolent Admin of the VG chooses two complete geeks to save it from evil. They are then given the power to merge with any fictional character to become Super Powered Officers of Fictional Stuff.

Steve and Ryan get thrown into an epic adventure that pales in comparison to HOW TOTALLY COOL IT IS TO HAVE SUPER POWERS.

Five episodes total with character parodies/homages from comics, video games, movies, and Anime while the show itself is a complete homage to Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers. Check out the show and tell me what you think! (the following are YouTube links to every episode)

Episode 1 - Shoes/Watch Episode 2 Instead

Notable character parodies/homages: Superman, Goku, Cyclops, Ryu

Episode 2 - That's What She Said:

Notable character parodies/homages: Burger King, Cloud, Terminator, Magneto

Episode 3 - Great CGI:

Notable character parodies/homages: Silent Hill, The Crow, Deadpool, Optimus Prime

Episode 4 - Horribly Offensive:

Notable character parodies/homages: The Matrix, Immortal (300), Highlander, Captain America, Galactus

Episode 5 - Scumbag:

Notable character parodies/homages: Galactus, Joe Q, Batman, John McClane, Jack Bauer

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