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dark-mullet says:

Online Comedy with NES Love in it's Season Premiere

// Submitted @ 3:36 AM on 01.22.2009

Yes, it's self-whoring. Yes, most of you don't care probably. And yes, the Link costume is horrible (as if we don't know when we're filming this stuff). But since it's so NES heavy, between Mario, Link, and the Game Genie, I figured it had a small place here. Plus there's no forums for me to whore this out on for right now.

So I bring to you this low budget live action online comedy series that's an homage of Power Rangers, VG Spoofs Episode 6 (02.01): Cheaters Never Win.

Shawn is back, except he finds a most deadly alliance with the immortal GAME GENIE! They kidnap Sarah, Ryan's sister, to lure the heroes into a trap. Can Ryan and Steve fight something that can change the rules as he sees fit? But it doesn't matter, having super powers is totally sweet. You can download commentary or the full episode there!


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