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dark-mullet avatar 12:02 AM on 02.20.2011  (server time)
How I Made Money Off of Pokemon in the 7th Grade

I think people here would really appreciate this.

I made money off of Pokemon cards twice in middle school. Both were similar yet different and both times, I made money off of my classmates.

When I was in 7th grade I had a bunch of Pokemon cards. Like a LOT. So many that I knew they were worthless and I should sell them. But they were so available now they were worthless. Even the holographics I had were only worth like $5 each tops. So I, the little businessman, came up with the following scheme.

I would take my opened, saved, card packs. Come up with two different card sets made up of Commons, Uncommons, Rares, and Holos. Then I would print my own covers for the packs, fill them, then sell them for $2 a pack. I DID pack in holos, I wasn't cheating anyone I just wanted to get rid of my countless useless Commons and Uncommons, while also dropping rare doubles I had.

I explained to my classmates what this was. That they WERE cards, that each one DID have a rare, and there WERE holos. I just made a custom set and printed out covers.

I made about $50 off of this. My one marketing ploy worked, one of the pack covers had Charizard on them, so one girl bought like 10 packs thinking Charizard was in that set. She did get a holo she didn't have, like Venusaur, so it wasn't a waste for her thankfully.

That was pretty straightforward. Honestly a brilliant idea to get rid of extras, especially as a kid.

The second way I made money though is even more amazing. Not so much the plan, just the fact it made me money.

This was before the internet was readily available, computers were still young. I had some Pokemon program filled with a bunch of art and pictures which you could edit.

I made my own Pokemon cards. With their own HP, powers, energy requirements, bios, levels, the whole thing. I printed them on card stock. I put them in opened card packs with a printed cover and sold them for $1 a pack. IT was just for fun.

I explained to people that they were NOT real cards. That I made them, they were custom, they could be used between friends but wouldn't be able to be used in a tourny since they were fake.

They took off like wildfire. I made 20 packs worth, all made up of commons, uncommons, rares, ultra rares, and one Uber Rare. All 20 packs sold in the first two days. They liked my take on some Pokemon and were going to use them in fights in our grade. But they especially were interested in the Ultra Rare "Mew and Mewtwo" card and the Uber Rare "Mew2000."

I made 30 more packs and brought them in the following week. It took a few more days but once again, they all sold. I made $50 off of TOTALLY WORTHLESS cards that couldn't be used outside of our grade. It was amazing to me. I didn't make any more packs because I knew they wouldn't sell as well, I sold a couple singles after wards for a few bucks but seriously. $50 for selling packs of fake cards.

If you liked this you should check out my totally unrealted webseries because it has like no hits:

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