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Steve Rudzinski here of Dark Mullet Cinema. I make movies and shows and I'm kind of a big deal. Not really. You can check out my online series at

I currently own a PS3 for the current gen, but I still often play my NES, Genesis, 32X, PS1, Dreamcast, and PS2. As all gamers should. I play all kinds of different games, RPGs and Action at the top of my list of genres.

Xenogears is my top game hands down, I love it very much. My favorite franchise is Metal Gear Solid, with 3 and 4 being my favorites.

I'm a Transformers geek, Jazz is totally the best. And yes, I liked the live action movie. I hate the crazy Gee-Wunners.

I'm also a huge comic geek, I read almost everything that comes out every week. My fav heroes there in order are:

1: Deadpool
2: Captain Marvel/Shazam!
3: Moon Knight
4: Flash (Wally)
5: Green Lantern (The Corps. as a whole, not just one)

I listen to all sorts of music, but I love Hair Metal the most. It's so ridiculous it's awesome.
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I usually don't promote videos other than my own, I'm kind of a jerk like that (speaking of, did you watch the season finale of VG Spoofs yet? GO OVER TO VGSPOOFS.COM RIGHT NOW THEN!!!). But once in a while I see something on YouTube that not only deserves the views it gets, but also deserves WAY more views than my videos.

Now there's an entire ocean of fan edited trailers of movies that haven't come out yet/never will. Sometimes they're horribly edited, obviously JUST taking bits and lines from other movies. Other times they are painstakingly edited and touched up in Photoshop and special effects to actually make those clips look totally new to you. And once in a while, you will see a fan trailer so good, one that understands the source material so well, and one that uses great casting choices that you WISH Hollywood (in in this case, WB) would see it just so they have a better idea of what they should be aiming for.

This, without any exaggeration, is the best one of those I have EVER seen.

Everything looks great, the story set up is fantastic and done in a way to bring in people who never heard of Green Lantern, Fillion is the perfect choice for Hal Jordan (and I never even thought about him until now), and the score from Star Trek adds the feeling of hope/uplifting/wonder/a bigger universe that Star Trek itself had (and Green Lantern should also embrace).

I hope the real Green Lantern movie is as good as that trailer was.

PS: VG Spoofs is awesome. <3

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