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2:33 PM on 06.21.2013

DRM and Fancy Free but would the grass have been greener?

So Microsoft went and turned around their decision to have your Xbox One check in every 24hrs and also lifted the restrictions on used game selling and so forth.  Does this really change anything?  If you read the comments on related stories they seem to be made up of people who still can't be bothered with the Xbox One because they are sure that MS is about to do something else evil.  Or "Finally I can by my Xbox One and feel great about supporting consumer rights!".  Or "Great, now I don't have the cool X,Y,Z, feature this would have given me, I've totally been Xboned!".

BTW whoever started the Xbone thing deserves a cookie, turning an odd name into a great descriptor for the policies and PR of an entire company in 5 letters is just amazing.

Anyway, my whole point with this is did people gain something with MS changing their policy?  Sure, why not, but that doesn't change the fact that most games will need to be online anyway. You know for online multiplayer and Netflix, and Hulu and all Tv, tv, tv... Game companies are also pushing content to be always online, use the cloud, collective computing, etc, so no matter how you slice it, this thing is going to be online 80% of the time. Only now MS can throw their hands up and say "Hey it isn't us, blame EA, blame Ubisoft, blame it on the rain..."

Also, we are all going to have to hear incessant whining in comments and forum etc for the next generation about how awesome the family plan, or game sharing or other features this online policy would have "enabled".  Not to mention you can be sure that MS is going to use this as an excuse for everything that goes wrong or features it has to cut back or misses deadlines for.  What? Oh you wanted to carry over achievements?  Well those got mixed up because we had to change our structure to give you what you wanted.  Oh our space bucks didn't convert properly?  Sorry must have been the massive retooling we had to do in order to meet your impossible demands.

And the users will be the worst part.  "Thanks to everyone for messing up my Xbox experience, feature X would have been the best thing ever created, but since MS can't Xbone me once a day I can't have it.  Thanks a lot".  

Do we have any idea if these features would have worked as advertised?  No, not at all.  But the mystery of them maybe existing will make people talk at length about how amazing these would have been, even though nobody and I'll bold that NOBODY has any actual user experience with said features.  I have games I purchased on the original 360 that went all RROD that I can't re-download onto my replacement because of I don't know what.  I download them start them up and they are the trial version, I try to re-buy them and it tells me "You already own this title, you cannot buy it again".  Well if I own it, let me stop playing the trial.  Sure sign in with the same account.  It is the same account, oh yes we see you already bought that, what's the problem?  For a 5 dollar game I don't care, but for my whole game library?  I'd go insane.  And this is already with console that is plugged in all the time with xbox live gold.

Now this whole thing sounds like I'm just putting down the console and MS in general.  That isn't my goal, because honestly like many other people have omitted, i'd probably end up with one One (two?) in my hope eventually.  I just want folks to stop acting like they have to go out and defend any of these companies as if they get paid to do so. I hope they both sell a billion consoles and every game ever is available for everything. It doesn't matter. As the veteran of many console wars I can tell you that the whole situation is like a sitcom, everything is turned upside down for 30mins, then next week everything is the same as it ever was.   read

2:10 PM on 07.01.2011

Fred Savage demands you look at this Wizard Shirt**

**Fred Savage and/or anyone involved in the production of said movie have absolutely nothing to do with this item, however, It's still pretty cool :)

So I'm watching the Wizard the other day for the umpteenth time, and as I'm watching the ending, where Jimmy battles Lucas and the other girl in video armageddon, I start thinking, that's a pretty cool shirt other girl is wearing there. Then I wonder if any of those shirts still exist, I mean, they had a lot of extras in the movie, I'm sure someone kept one. I wonder if any are on flea-bay?

Well after searching, I discovered that no, there are none that are available for sale,at least at the moment and even if there was they would probably be stupid expensive for a 20+ year old shirt. It's then that I realize (wait for it...) I should make one! I'm an artist right? I've got the know how, the talent, the unemployment status, I could do this! So ladies and gentleman I present to you (pause for effect)...


Look at how Sassy they both are!
Link to Zazzle Store
So go, take a look around, there are a few different styles available, and if any of you are familiar with zazzle then you know you also have the ability to customize these designs a bit as well.

So please let me know what you folks think. I'm also interested if any of you would like to see some more of my comics that I used to post. I stopped awhile back during the whole D-toid blog format change back an forth and sort of lost interest while fiddling around with that. I have a few layouts for comics still on my computer and was just wonder if they are worth wrapping up and posting. Comments are always helpful.
Thanks again folks, thatdanGguy here and I approve of this blog post.
Link to This Version

5:29 PM on 11.03.2010

Destructoider -- Wii version 2.0

   The last of the motion control devices is almost upon us.  Have our lives been changed?  While our bank accounts are fluctuating, the way we game certainly isn't changing.  I’m certainly not saying that things will never change, or that these motion technologies are useless, I'm just saying that we are in the awkward stage of their development.  They have reached adolescence, evolved and are starting to turn into something interesting.

       For all the bickering and whining about motion controls some of these control schemes have found their way into the normal gaming control experience.  Playing a game that asks you to merely tilt a controller to make an on screen action occur, or point on-screen to make a selection, or fire a weapon, has become not only intuitive but a positive in the way we interact with games and software.

     The Validity of such controls can be confirmed by anyone who has been playing games for any serious amount of time and can recall playing a racing game and leaning their body to the left or right during a turn.     read

2:47 PM on 10.26.2010

Destructoider - Holiday Shopping

   Alas, here we are, at another holiday buying season preparing ourselves for the onslaught of epic genre defining games, blockbuster hardware guaranteed to move us (see what I did there?) and sequels.  Oh the sequels.

    Yet, here we are, not even quite the end of October, three weeks before what is traditionally considered holiday shopping, and we have already seen the releases of nearly a dozen anticipate titles.  With the release of franchise titles like Rock Band 3, Kirbys Epic Yarn, Castlevania LOS, Fallout New Vegas, Fable III, etc.  It seems like most of the big titles have already hit.  Or at least most anything I've been waiting for.  I suppose a few more big titles are on their way, Donkey Kong Returns (squeal!), another Call of Duty (yawn), Assassins Creed (snooooze), and Gran Turismo 5 (maybe???).  Don't even get me started on PS Move or Kinect (pulled hamstring).

    Looking at all these games released and on the horizon and the inability to purchase and/or play all of these games, and it makes me wish for the simple days of being a kid again.<   read

1:34 PM on 10.19.2010

Destructoider - Ken Levine shuns the Majors

If you've ever had the opportunity to work with any grossly talented individual you have probably been frustrated by this simple truth.  People that are genuinely talented at one thing tend to be equally and often ridiculously talented in many other similar ways.  This is not scientific fact, but is more common than not.  Someone that is talented at drawing will be better than most at sculpting, someone who can play the guitar with great skill will be decent at writing a song and so on and so forth.  These types of skills go hand and hand, so having one skill set prepares you largely for another.  That's why someone like Clint Eastwood can be a fantastic actor, as well as a gifted director, and even a composer.

  That is why it is sad to see one of these extremely talented people waste time picking at another equally talented person.  Two weeks ago in an interview with develop-online Ken Levine expressed concern with what he called the gaming industries "star-struck" mentality.  That people, Hollywood directors in this case, are given opportunities to create games based solely on the fact that   read

4:20 PM on 10.04.2010

Destructoider Toons - Bobby Kotick vs. the World

If you have been keeping up with all the Bobby Kotick news being reported through Destructoid and other game blogs, then you should know that the CEO and president of Activision Blizzard has been hard at work battling some old ex's and giving some tips to a few companies as to how to price and run their business.

But I don't want to spend to much time talking about what he said, his business practices, or shame the man for trying to make money, because at the end of the day that's his job. Make shareholders money. And if you haven't noticed, he's been pretty damn good for Activision, a company that was in some dire circumstances not too long ago. No, what I want to comment on is given the fact that the product is for entertainment purposes, and often resembles something artistic, that everyone seems to forget that this is a business. A business run by people, meaning that two things are bound to happen, they want to make as much money and/or be as successful as possible, and that they will make mistakes directly related to the first fact.

All in all, almost all of the people involved in all of these incidents have said some things they probably should not have. Schafer for example has already apologized for his comments, saying he regrets speaking so candidly. EA and it's affiliates have gone back and forth taking shots at Activision for years now acting in the same way Kotick is often criticized for. Microsoft and Sony continually upset it's customers by raising prices (Xbox Live, PSN) adding or disabling features in it's hardware (PS3 and even the Wii). Even the much beloved (and rightfully so) Valve has been guilty of taking shots at the PS3 and it's development kit as well as Xbox Live. Each one of these companies is doing and saying what is best for itself and it's target demographic all in an effort to make a buck and continue doing what they do. I think as a community we need to stop taking these comments and infighting amongst game companies so personally and stop reacting so strongly as if these folks were on a different level of moral standards.

But to be fair, everyone, studio heads, developers, and gamers need to think before they speak, twitter, conference call, smoke signal, etc. Because if you don't have anything constructive to say, than perhaps you should just STFU.   read

12:12 AM on 09.27.2010

Destructoider toons

So why cartoons? While sitting around at work last week after having lunch, I picked up a copy of the New Yorker that was on the kitchen table. I very rarely look at too much in this magazine, I'll flip through, read the first paragraph or two before getting bored or lost in the dense text layout. Mostly I do what I'm sure most of the other people around do and just flip through and look at the drawings.
Some of them are pretty funny. Some are jokes about capital gains tax or an argument the Secretary of State had with the the leader of the house last month, or in other words, something I don't get. You know what I do get? Videogames.
Why is there no gaming equivalent? I know lots of popular strips will throw in a nod to videogames here and there. I'm also not dense enough to ignore the quality and vast popularity of Penny Arcade, whom presents biting satire of gamers and the people that make them. But while that is great, and we certainly don't need another web comic, I feel that the message contained in these will be more editorial, and less comic strip. Do I succeed? Only time will tell.   read

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