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Around 11 this morning, I went to the library, to do library things; you know get out of the house, sit in the coffee shop, use the faster wireless, etc. I was sitting at the counter for less than 5 minutes before I heard something over the PA.

"Would the owner of a purple Alero please come to the service desk."

I figured it wasn't mine, because mine was blue. I know pink, lightish red but whatever. I went out to check anyway and my rear plate was gone. They even took the holder. I went back inside to the service desk and they informed me that someone witnessed the crime and they called the cops. All I got was a few questions out of the cop, a case number, and a suggestion to get hew plates from the DMV, much to my humor at that point and time. 9 bucks and 45 minutes later, I was good to go.

I'm sure they did it for the tags, but that'll only get them through October. I mean, WTF taking plates? Who carries a screw driver around just to get past a 75 dollar renewal fee? Plus if they ever get pulled over, the plate won't match the renewal month; unless they spend the day looking for the same month that they need...

2:53 PM on 02.28.2008

I have 2 weddings to go to in April, and I have no idea what to give for gifts. My cousin is getting married on the 26th, and I have a thought for that one. She used to collect dragons, so I was going to a Build a Bear Workshop or something similar and stuff a bride/groom dragon combo for her, but the place I was going to is shut up tighter than a reverend mother during lent. Dammit all to hell. I have to get them something great, or she won't let me live it down for the rest of my life...

The other wedding I'm not so concerned about. I just need something that says congratulations and I'm thinking of you, as well as being cheap and easy to procure. This one is 2 weeks earlier though, so I have a month to get these gifts.

Keep in mind orgies, sexual favors, hookers, drugs, slaves, and "free" trips are not included in the list of possible gifts. Other than that, please help guys!

Alrighty then, since everyone else on the forums has one of these, I thought I'd might as well try. So here goes, enjoy it. Even though I have no idea what to talk about just yet. If I just rattled on with what ever was on my brain, it would be a depressive post. Oh well.