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dannaz avatar 12:20 AM on 01.16.2014  (server time)
Gaming Hall of Fame: The Witcher 2 Ė Assassins of Kings

Iíll praise this game til I die. It is, in my opinion, the best fantasy RPG to come out in the last generation and is up there with my favourite RPGs of all time. Our relationship started out quite poorly to tell the truth, it wouldn't install on my old computer so I couldn't play it at all. Then when I finally got a new computer I tried several times to Ďget into ití but after several hours of playing it just hadn't hooked me. I think I had 3 games with 2-3 hours of playtime on them, but on my fourth attempt at playing it I cracked through the rough surface and was absolutely hooked by it until I finished it. This is testament to the complexity and depth of the world.

Letís start of by talking about the world and story. I compare it to being dropped into the middle of Game of Thrones, especially if you havenít played the first game. There are a lot of characters who you donít know, and you are bombarded with names, locations and factions, hell you donít even really know who you are. This is what I found so hard to comprehend in my first few playthroughs. But when it all clicks, my god is it amazing. Once again I will liken it to Game of Thrones; there are assassinations, rebellions, subterfuge and all out war. The main story line is very good too; if a little slow to start. Once you get to the end of Act 1 you just canít put it down, and I would say it is the most gripping main story of any game in recent memory. As a completionist I usually like to do all the side quests and make sure I have the best armour and what not, well not in The Witcher 2. This sounds like a bad point, but really itís not it is proof of how compelling I found the story to be.

The thing I found most interesting and brilliant was the decisions you make and the outcomes of those decisions. The outcomes of your decisions are so realistic and the best decisions donít have any good outcomes. And the greatest part is knowing you could have avoided the bad situation entirely if you hadn't done something stupid before. One event in particular springs to mind in which I let my emotions take action which put me at a serious risk, and then you have to deal with the consequences of you actions. This is what I find most amazing about the game and no game before it has made me have serious feels towards characters like The Witcher 2 did.

The combat is pretty run of the mill, you have six spells and two swords that work better depending on who you are fighting. You roll around to dodge and you can also parry, it is the least exciting part of the game in my opinion and I hope that it gets fixed up for The Witcher 3. The graphics are superb, especially for a pseudo-indie game. On its release it was the ďI can run (insert game here) on full graphicsĒ, it runs really well on my computer and I've heard good things about the console version too. To this day I regard it as one of the best looking games on PC. The art style is quite gritty, which suits the world very well; non-humans lives in filthy ghettos and humans aren't all that much better off.

The experience is honestly brilliant, and if you havenít finished it I urge you on to buy it or finish that playthrough as you will not be disappointed. It is a game I recommend to everyone, even friends of mine that donít enjoy RPGís love this game. Anyway thatís me done, hereís hoping to The Witcher 3.

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