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8:57 AM on 02.02.2008

Animal Crossing: A Hardcore Gamer's Secret Obsession

If you married a non-gamer spouse, then youíve probably experienced the same things I have. My wife stopped playing games after Mario, and she avoids anything new. I continuously look for any game that I may be able to ge...   read

12:15 PM on 01.09.2008

A manufacturing perspective: Is Nintendo purposely starving the market of Wiis?

Is Nintendo purposely starving the market of Wiis to make the demand seem larger? Though this has been talked about before, I wanted to give my perspective since I actually work in the manufacturing industry. I wonít say wh...   read

10:10 AM on 01.07.2008

Eternal Darkness: One of the best games I've ever played that no one else did.

Every once in a while, a game comes around that, for some reason, knocks you on your ass. Itís not always the same game for everyone. Itís so much more than you expected it to be, and it holds a special place in your gaming...   read

8:10 AM on 01.04.2008

The Power of Community

Community. Thereís something that can be potentially powerful about that word. It entails a sense of friendship, trust, and, maybe most important, belonging. Everyone wants to belong to something. Everyone needs to be w...   read

8:47 AM on 12.28.2007

The Struggles of a Video Game Dad

Has your son or daughter ever started crying from their bed, when they were suppose to be asleep for the night, while your group is fighting to stay alive in Scholomance? Maybe your wife has called for your help while you...   read

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