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dTunes avatar 4:59 PM on 12.10.2009  (server time)
dTunes: nekobun's Week, Day 4

Today's dTunes is brought to you by nekobun and the letter J. Here are some J-named artists who take up sizable chunks of my music library.

Jamiroquai - Canned Heat

There's no concievable way you could dislike Jamiroquai. Always danceable, and inspiring of good times all around. I don't even care that Jay Kay is allegedly a huge douchebag. They're amazing.

Jawbreaker - Chemistry

Absolutely my favorite band, ever. I looked into these guys on a tip somewhere between '99 and '00, and instantly regretted that they'd broken up half a decade prior. This track comes from their last, and most polished, album, so the further back you go, the closer to hardcore their sound gets, but it's all great. That, and I give them some extra points for apologizing for contributing to what became the Emo genre.

Jurassic 5 - Jurass Finish First

I seem to come by a lot of music via video games, now that I think of it. J5's "Improvise" was featured in Jet Grind Radio on the Dreamcast, and I happened upon the album it came from in Borders soon after beating the game. I love rappers who sound like they know how to freestyle and don't feel the need to get gangsta about everything, and this crew brings a whole bunch of them together in one delicious package.

James - Laid

You'd think that for such a prolific artist, there'd be more than just a handful of videos for this song, most of which (the actual vid, in several versions) are embed-disabled. If there isn't a list out there of bands from Manchester, there really ought to be, because pretty much everything out of that town is at least worth a listen. The Smiths? Buzzcocks? Grand Master FUC-NUKKLE? The previously featured Ting Tings? Joy Division? The Chemical Brothers? New Order? I could do this all day.

Joe Jackson - Is She Really Going Out With Him?

Double J score. Joe Jackson infuriated me for a brief period, due primarily to one of my cohorts' refusal to do anything but an impromptu murder spree as soon as his Steppin' Out came on in GTA: Vice City. Didn't matter what the mission was, how many cops he had after him already, or whatever. Said friend tortured me with it on his computer and in his car every now and then for a good year after we'd gotten fed up with the game, but it was hopelessly catchy, so I couldn't get too upset.

Once I found out how many other tunes I knew happened to be Jackson's fault, I looked into things a bit further, and got my hands on the bulk of his discography. Joe Jackson's a genius; not quite Elvis Costello calibre, but close.

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Wail

Another big source of artists I like? Beavis & Butt-head. I can't count how much music I have that they made plenty of fun of on that show.

Jets To Brazil - Lemon Yellow Black

"Hey," you're thinking, "this dude sounds like the vocalist from Jawbreaker." It is. Blake Schwarzenbach is my man-crush prime, and this follow-up project to Jawbreaker has just as solid a place in my heart. His tendency to write songs that tell stories remained intact, but grew up, and explored a lot more than young adult anger and angst in Jets To Brazil's hands.

PS: Finding out your buddy's ex-girlfriend, after she's become his ex, is family friends with one of your heroes, and hangs out with him sometimes, is something of a punch in the face.

Junior Senior - Chicks And Dicks

You might've come across these doods when Move Your Feet released, since the internet was all "OOOH THE VIDEO LOOKS LIKE VIDEO GAMES" and it made the rounds. All their stuff is just as great, however, and I figured I'd end this batch just like I came into things - dancin'.

I've got a feeling tomorrow's closing post might be a bit slim, given where I want to go with it, but we'll see.

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