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About Me :

Cynthia Vara (born September 23) is an mexican hardcore videogamer, Technician, singer, student of mathematics and cyberathlete-in-training.

Vara has performed in various underground groups,debuted as a singer in street troupes as NAMELESS, flunked that proyect to involve in many other rock groups trying to find her musical way, including playing the violin. She achieved low fame as a singer so she prefers study mathematics, violin and practice the skateboarding. Lately her personal goal is get more involved in the videogames as a professional gamer in Smash Bros. Brawl.
Vara is lately drawing and waste her leisure time in training SMBB.

Ebay Seller of middle time since 2006.

In her own words:"I Flunk school cuz I am a Hardcore gamer".

Trivia Date: She spends most of her leasure time playing videogames, her record has been 6 mounths of non-stop-playing Fire Emblem Path of Radiance and much more.

Interests :

Playing Videogames, math, selling on Ebay and much more!!!
Favorite Music Genres: lounge
All Time Favorite Artists / Bands :

Thievery Corporation,Towa Tei, P5, Pearl Jam, or just check out my last fm music page!!!

Artista/Grupo actual favorito: The Residents
I think the best song for my entire life is Frank Sinatra "My Way".

Favorite Video Games
I will never fill this.

1.- Mario Bros
2.- Fire Emblem
3.- Defender for Atari 2600
4.- Perfect Dark for N64
5.- Advance Wars Dual strike
6.- Resident Evil 4
7.- Zelda Twilight
8.- Gears of War
9.- Golden Eye 64
10.- Star Fox 64

Favorite Movies: Rushmore, PI.
Favorite TV Shows :I do not watch the T.V.
Favorite Books :Winky Dink goes to zoo.
Wizard of OZ
Favorite Quote "no Pain, No Gain"


Ethnicity Human
Religion The videogames
Politics Some other viewpoint
Languages Otomi, English, French, Spanish, German
Occupation All I need is a videogame control.
Workplaces My Home, the school.


8:15 AM on 12.17.2008

Here in Mexico !!!!!!
Mario Kart!!!!