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cup of cocoa
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F.E.A.R. 2 Impressions

I have spent about one and a half hour with the shooter and I am a bit cloven. Before I try to describe it I'd first like to say that I love the first game. It is atmospheric, fast, and bloody beautiful while delivering a a s...


Flower Impressions

Flower is the latest to come out of thatgamecompany - the creators of flow. I had expected a nearly meditative experience of color, music and ambiance of the sounds of nature. Shortest way to say this is, yes. It is simple a...


Level of Difficulty

I have been playing Gears of War 2 with a friend for hours each evening at Insane difficulty. Considering that I have done this with Halo 3 and other games I have begun to draw upon some interesting observations. Consider ho...


God damn Cyber Elves!

Since I got my DS I asked about games and advice in a previous post - and now I got myself a R4 device. The first thing ,appart from stabbing a kitten and mauling a old women with it's dead carcass (R4 is for thieves and hood...


So I got a DS... now what?

I got myself a DS in a... well Christmas gift of sorts. At the moment I am playing Phoenix Wright - Ace Attorney wile having Portrait of Ruin lying beside it. What I ask now is what good games are there? I am planing to get Chrono Trigger because I haven't played that in ages. I am also eyeballing some decent platform shooter thingy - like Megaman... Any suggestions please?


Games of Christmas Past

This is a retrospect blog post, if you donít like to read about other peoples old game experiences - GTFO. :) Without putting words in other peoples mouths I am quite sure that many of us here at some time, got a game, of so...


I need to share this...

I just... no this... hahahah.... Just read it... http://shelleytherepublican.com/2007/02/28/linux-the-official-os-of-the-axis-of-evil.aspx This is what happens when a fundamentalist christian conviction is combined with te...


About cup of cocoaone of us since 7:57 PM on 12.08.2008

I battle wolves, play video games, mess around with my mac and study philosophy. Oh - and I blog about copyright and video games - which I have learned is best to keep seperate.


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