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ctu33BSG avatar 12:33 AM on 12.11.2013  (server time)
Why I Hate Dead Rising 2

So, I just got done watching the "Walking Dead" ssn 4 mid-season final again and was in the mood for killing some walkers but I never bought any zombie games until I realized I might have downloaded one for xbox 360 a few month back. Sure enough it was in my games que so I said, " what the hell its a free game, how bad could it be?" Oh my god this is the most frustrating video game I have EVER played! I never played the first one so this was my introduction into the dead rising universe and a non-fighting Capcom game. Right from the get go I had a feeling the story was utter nonsense and sure enough it was. I play games for their narratives and characters, but this game has neither just some nobody collecting slow ass people around a poorly constructed mall too corral into a bunker with a supporting cast that is void of all intelligence and humanity.
         Because I downloaded the game there was no instruction manual so I had to figure out the buttons on the fly and that sucks when you have 10 zombies on your ass! And then there's that awful count down clock really, really? I would love to explore but I can't cause I have to save idiots and find meds for my kid, come on? For every main/side mission I guess you have to finish it before the clock runs out and I got stuck because I can't be in two places at once, when I arrive at my destination and fight the bad guy the clock just keeps over. But the thing that really ticks me off is you have to save the game in the bathroom, what was Capcom thinking? Were they trying to be funny because I was not laughing when I was desperately trying to find a save point after 2 hours of not finding a single bathroom anywhere cause the map sucks at conveying where one is. And when I finally find one some fucking lunatic is hold up there and kills me instantly. This happen on more then one occasion the other times there was one on a motorcycle and some fat dude with his pet lion, yes a lion, shit I just want to save my progress.
          The game is no fun at all and isn't that the point of a video game to at least be fun? I didn't find a single enjoyable thing anywhere within the content of this game and I gave it a chance by playing it for 2 days. Also I've never been so aggravated while actually playing a game before and I feel my time could have been spent doing something more productive then playing this hot mess. I was looking forward to playing Dead Rising 3 on Xbone but now I think i'm going to skip it indefinitely. This dreadful experience reminds me of when the McDonald's by my house was offering free coffee so I took them up on it and regretted it the moment that crap hit my taste buds. Just because something is free does not make it good quality. Dead Rising 2 is no longer part of my game collection as of yesterday and when I was deleting the game it stated this will be permanently deleted from the memory, a small smile formed across my face as I gladly sent that game to oblivion.     fin

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