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Live in the Windy City and play video games in my free time. Grew up with Nintendo and Super Nintendo then made the switch to xbox in late 2002 then xbox 360 in early 2006 there. I love the games with awesome stories and characters the most like the Mass Effect series, Fallout 3 and The Walking Dead by Telltale.
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9:57 AM on 12.19.2013

Well, the next-gen video game consoles have arrived and I think thatís awesome yet I am not convinced that in need to elect a new console device. I am hesitant to break up with my Xbox 360 because she still has a lot of juice in her and a vast game library. In 2012 I brought the most games ever in my lengthy history of being a gamer like 20 or so games that year and on top of that I broke my only rule for gaming: fully beat a game before playing a new one. This has been my sacred rule since my Nintendo 64 days but there I was devoting one or two days at most to a game then moving on to the next game if I got stuck in some level or couldnít pass a boss fight or got caught up in the hype of the newest game on the market and I had to have it. I didnít realize the travesty of what was occurring until one of my co-workers pointed out that I have been buying games like crazy every single week. Something clicked in my head when I heard that and I realized I was taking my xbox 360 for granted. I lost my way.
I needed a change, a plan of action on how I was going to combat this situation. I did the only thing that would spare me from continuing to go deeper down into the rabbit hole, stop playing. But I knew not playing was absolutely not going to work so I gave my xbox 360 to one of my friends for over 4 weeks and that sure enough did the trick. It was now mid February 2013 and I felt refreshed, invigorated, re-energized like that bunny dude, what ever happen to him? The first game I slid into my beloved consoleís disc tray from being disconnected, detached from the gaming cycle was the new Aliens Colonial Marines. There was such joy in seeing the green ring light up and hearing that distinct hum of disc spinning in the tray that I couldnít have foreseen the horrible outcome of actually playing the game. Everything came to a crushing, devastating arrest as the true nature of the game showed its fucking ugly shitty head around every corner. I could only withstand the torture for about 20mins (Iím not Jack Bauer), before pushing the green light shutting the system off. I was in shock, disbelief that this hot mess by Gearbox even got released but then hope in game form caught my eye and changed me as a gamer forever.
That game is The Walking Dead by Telltale, it was one of those games from 2012 that I only played for only little bit because I didnít know how to proceed. I started that marvelous game from the beginning and sure enough I got stuck again in the same area but this time was different I had a renewed sprite thus I wasnít going to give up, quit. I passed it and sure enough I played it all night long and the next and the next until it was beat. I never had such genuine fun playing a game that was so depressing, hell I thought it was better the AMCís television show which I love. That amazing game made it into my top 10 games and funny thing about it was, if it wasnít for that awful Aliens game I never would have participated in that epic adventure about life and death in a world gone to shit. After Walking Dead I went on to Halo 4, Borderlands 2, Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider†and the rest of the games in my collection that I never beat. I just finished the brutally hard RPG Witcher 2 yesterday and maybe tomorrow or the next I will finally begin Red Dead Redemption GOTY edition. This experience has taught me a simple lesson that I forgot about gaming and that is play for the fun, donít let yourself become overwhelmed or frustrated just enjoy this great past time like when you were a kid! † † † †Fin

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