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4:20 AM on 01.01.2014

happy new years

New Year I suppose and with that comes new possibilities for writing this is one of them. I just came back from a new years party at a bar I just want ti write because I had much to drink that being the awesome Absinthe. There was this girl there one who I was in love with years ago but I had a girlfriend so I could not make a play 4 her but when we parted ways to night we hugged more then once and she lingered ther e because I think she new what I know that there was something there, this feeling that you cannot deny but is there none the less. You see I think that feeling is hope, and I have hope that this year will bring about new gaming ways that we cannot even fathom. I love the idea of the future being unpredictable and tonight I truly belive that hope is alive and well and I hav ebeen playing that dumb ass battlefield 4 all week but that game there is no hope because it fucking crashes almost every 2 fucking hours and I have to reset my bullshit whatever you call it the stuff in the screen with the things that make the game better or something. It sucks. I have no hope for that game and tomrrow when I wake up I will play mass effect or dragon age from the beginning because with those games at least the future is not set yet and my choices have meaning and I love that and I love those games and I want to play them right now but I think I would spend way to much time customizing my awesome character that I would most likey pass out like †I am about to do now. Any way this new year I think is going to be full of hope for everyone weather you are a gamer or not this 2014 is about hope and love for the things that we have and could have if we set our minds and hearts to it there. † I love this website † † † happy new year!!! † † † † † fin   read

11:36 PM on 12.20.2013

Gaming is NOT a Sport

Competing in a sport like running and competing in a video game like Call of Duty is not the same thing at all. I am a video gamer and have been since 1989 with Mario Brothers first introducing me to the genre yet after all this time it has never crossed my mind to consider video games to be a sport. Iíll vigorously defend gaming to people who think its just for children or that playing games causes people to act violently or are video games art? But when it comes to calling gaming an actually sport I donít see the logic in that, how do you justify putting something like a marathon which people put their blood, sweat and tears into with a gaming marathon that only requires a lot of beer/energy drinks, junk food and the uncanny ability to stay awake. The two fall under completely different categories with the key difference being ďPhysical ActivityĒ. When I play a game for an extensive period of time in a day I get absolutely no health benefits from that experience but when I run itís the total opposite. I will say because of playing games when I run I am more aware of my surrounding, Iím constantly thinking ahead like plotting my next move in Battlefield 3 online, and my reaction time to an obstacle or hazard is crazy fast. So thank you gaming for making me an augmented super human when I compete in races!
In saying that I have no gripe against people whoís career it is to play video games on that towering world stage or the people who watch them, thatís awesome more power to you men & women. I will never ever be on their level with video games and Iím ok with that because video games are just entertainment for me. Just like some people only watch sports for entertainment but donít play them. The definition of the word sport is: competitive physical activity: an individual or group competitive activity involving physical exertion or skill, governed by rules, and sometimes engaged in professionally. There is no physical element in gaming what so ever and thatís the truth, I should know. Gaming is unique and I love it but when we start trying to label it as something else it loses that flavor that made it so wonderful in the first place. I think the terms ďCompetitive MultiplayerĒ or ďeSportsĒ are wholly acceptable for people who compete on a national, world level of gaming and for those die hard fans as well. Tomorrow Iím going to get up and run, prepare for my next big race and after that play an amazing, awe-inspiring video game(s) from my extensive collection. Remember how the classic Sesame Street song goes, one of these things is not like the others. † † † † † † † † Fin   read

9:57 AM on 12.19.2013

Riding the Rap

Well, the next-gen video game consoles have arrived and I think thatís awesome yet I am not convinced that in need to elect a new console device. I am hesitant to break up with my Xbox 360 because she still has a lot of juice in her and a vast game library. In 2012 I brought the most games ever in my lengthy history of being a gamer like 20 or so games that year and on top of that I broke my only rule for gaming: fully beat a game before playing a new one. This has been my sacred rule since my Nintendo 64 days but there I was devoting one or two days at most to a game then moving on to the next game if I got stuck in some level or couldnít pass a boss fight or got caught up in the hype of the newest game on the market and I had to have it. I didnít realize the travesty of what was occurring until one of my co-workers pointed out that I have been buying games like crazy every single week. Something clicked in my head when I heard that and I realized I was taking my xbox 360 for granted. I lost my way.
I needed a change, a plan of action on how I was going to combat this situation. I did the only thing that would spare me from continuing to go deeper down into the rabbit hole, stop playing. But I knew not playing was absolutely not going to work so I gave my xbox 360 to one of my friends for over 4 weeks and that sure enough did the trick. It was now mid February 2013 and I felt refreshed, invigorated, re-energized like that bunny dude, what ever happen to him? The first game I slid into my beloved consoleís disc tray from being disconnected, detached from the gaming cycle was the new Aliens Colonial Marines. There was such joy in seeing the green ring light up and hearing that distinct hum of disc spinning in the tray that I couldnít have foreseen the horrible outcome of actually playing the game. Everything came to a crushing, devastating arrest as the true nature of the game showed its fucking ugly shitty head around every corner. I could only withstand the torture for about 20mins (Iím not Jack Bauer), before pushing the green light shutting the system off. I was in shock, disbelief that this hot mess by Gearbox even got released but then hope in game form caught my eye and changed me as a gamer forever.
That game is The Walking Dead by Telltale, it was one of those games from 2012 that I only played for only little bit because I didnít know how to proceed. I started that marvelous game from the beginning and sure enough I got stuck again in the same area but this time was different I had a renewed sprite thus I wasnít going to give up, quit. I passed it and sure enough I played it all night long and the next and the next until it was beat. I never had such genuine fun playing a game that was so depressing, hell I thought it was better the AMCís television show which I love. That amazing game made it into my top 10 games and funny thing about it was, if it wasnít for that awful Aliens game I never would have participated in that epic adventure about life and death in a world gone to shit. After Walking Dead I went on to Halo 4, Borderlands 2, Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider†and the rest of the games in my collection that I never beat. I just finished the brutally hard RPG Witcher 2 yesterday and maybe tomorrow or the next I will finally begin Red Dead Redemption GOTY edition. This experience has taught me a simple lesson that I forgot about gaming and that is play for the fun, donít let yourself become overwhelmed or frustrated just enjoy this great past time like when you were a kid! † † † †Fin   read

12:33 AM on 12.11.2013

Why I Hate Dead Rising 2

So, I just got done watching the "Walking Dead" ssn 4 mid-season final again and was in the mood for killing some walkers but I never bought any zombie games until I realized I might have downloaded one for xbox 360 a few month back. Sure enough it was in my games que so I said, " what the hell its a free game, how bad could it be?" Oh my god this is the most frustrating video game I have EVER played! I never played the first one so this was my introduction into the dead rising universe and a non-fighting Capcom game. Right from the get go I had a feeling the story was utter nonsense and sure enough it was. I play games for their narratives and characters, but this game has neither just some nobody collecting slow ass people around a poorly constructed mall too corral into a bunker with a supporting cast that is void of all intelligence and humanity.
† † † † †Because I downloaded the game there was no instruction manual so I had to figure out the buttons on the fly and that sucks when you have 10 zombies on your ass! And then there's that awful count down clock really, really? I would love to explore but I can't cause I have to save idiots and find meds for my kid, come on? For every main/side mission I guess you have to finish it before the clock runs out and I got stuck because I can't be in two places at once, when I arrive at my destination and fight the bad guy the clock just keeps over. But the thing that really ticks me off is you have to save the game in the bathroom, what was Capcom thinking? Were they trying to be funny because I was not laughing when I was desperately trying to find a save point after 2 hours of not finding a single bathroom anywhere cause the map sucks at conveying where one is. And when I finally find one some fucking lunatic is hold up there and kills me instantly. This happen on more then one occasion the other times there was one on a motorcycle and some fat dude with his pet lion, yes a lion, shit I just want to save my progress.
† † † † † The game is no fun at all and isn't that the point of a video game to at least be fun? I didn't find a single enjoyable thing anywhere within the content of this game and I gave it a chance by playing it for 2 days. Also I've never been so aggravated while actually playing a game before and I feel my time could have been spent doing something more productive then playing this hot mess. I was looking forward to playing Dead Rising 3 on Xbone but now I think i'm going to skip it indefinitely. This dreadful experience reminds me of when the McDonald's by my house was offering free coffee so I took them up on it and regretted it the moment that crap hit my taste buds. Just because something is free does not make it good quality. Dead Rising 2 is no longer part of my game collection as of yesterday and when I was deleting the game it stated this will be permanently deleted from the memory, a small smile formed across my face as I gladly sent that game to oblivion. † † fin   read

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