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ctrain avatar 4:25 PM on 03.17.2010  (server time)
Destructoid --Love/Loathe- The New Guy Perspective

Greetings, and thanks for tuning in. This is my first attempt at this and I won't try to trick anyone into thinking I have any idea what I'm doing. I read the anniversary post by Niero where he called out the lurkers, and well, I'm one of them. So here ya go, somebody is listening to what the big dog says.

I wasn't sure what to write at first (which explains why I never jumped in before), but after reading about how everyone loves this community and all of the great memories people share, I got an idea. Why not write about the things I've observed and love about this community? But if I'm going to make a contribution perhaps I should also call out the community on some of the more grating things I've seen. I know, I know, who am I to criticize you? But that is not my intent. Like a rich old guy who buys racy new tits for his trophy wife, I'm not saying I don't love you, just that there is always room for um.....enhancements.

Without further ado, here are a few things I have grown to love and loathe while lurking....

Love - The industry coverage. Wow. Not only do I hear about new game announcements, industry events, give aways, pre-order bonuses, etc, but Destructoid is all over it every time Miyamoto-san pinches a loaf or Bobby Kotick molests a child.

Loathe - Jim Sterling's over the line jokes. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy Jim Sterling's work. The reviews, though sometimes a little extreme, represent his honest evaluation. Like all reviews you need to factor in said reviewer's proclivities. I for one appreciate a brutally honest review. What I could do without are jokes about Jett Travolta (I don't know, if he were alive it might be easier to swallow (that's what she said)) or Down's Syndrome. They are really just cheap attempts at scoring giggles and/or inciting the masses. For a guy who saw through Heavy Rain's cheap attempts at crafting a shocking story, I know he's capable of better.

Love - The passion that community members have for games of all types. Retro, Indie, RPG, you name it. It's great to see so many people enjoying the myriad experiences availble to gamers today.

Loathe - Everyone who posts about their Wii collecting dust, having been sold, or having been given to their grandmother. This is particulary grating when in the context of, "Oh cool, Metroid: Other M, I need to go buy a Wii again." If you bought it, then sold it, and you're now buying it're just really bad with your finances.

Love - The contributions of the community. Enojoyable comments, great blogs, and interesting forums. JesusNinja26's Lost recaps. His is the one name that sticks out because I read it every week so I have some clue what the heck is going on with that show. There are plenty of others. One guy who's intro says he's an author working on getting out novels, his name escapes me, but it's good stuff. I'm forever getting caught up with what others have to contribute.

Loathe - People who talk just to be seen. You know the type. They slap "shocking" titles on a blog (e.g., How Jim Sterling Gave My Cat Herpes) and then fill it with absolute garbage. If 25% of what you type is misspelled, slang, or a swear haven't had a useful though. Certainly not one worth sharing. This includes people who comment on stories with things like, "In before the fanboy shit storm" or any "in before (insert snarky comment here)" posts. Again, you've contributed nothing in this instance.

Love - Brad Nicholson's arms. Ok, that's just a symbolic representation of something I can't define with a simple phrase. For years the stereotype has been that those who play video games are lethargic, lonely, geeky, anti-social losers. One look around this place and you see countless people who defy the stereotype. You also see people who probably fit the stereotype pretty well. That's the beauty of this hobby, nobody is excluded.

Loathe - The treatment of the "gamer" label. Even worse, the "core gamer" or "hardcore gamer". See the item right above this. How the word gamer grew to be a badge of honor confiscated by a small group of overzealous idiots is beyond me. I don't care how many hours of Modern Warfare you've played, you're not better than someone who plays Farmville or Wii Fit. We're all gamers. We all contribute to the culture and affect the industry with our decisions about what to buy and what to avoid. And that's the way it should be. If you want to be part of something exclusive, join a fraternity. There you can judge who is worthy of being included in your clique. Folks who buy games for entertainment aren't asking for your evaluation of them, so don't bother giving it.

Damn, I sound like a real bitch. I'm actually not. I'm a really laid back guy who loves gaming and looks forward to getting to know some folks around here. Say "hi" or introduce yourself in the comments. Heck, you can even comment with "In before I sell my fucking shitty dust covered asshole Wii to some obvious non-gamer n00b with Down's Syndrome." Love...loathe......who really cares, as long as it's worth talking about.

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