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crunks's blog

8:14 PM on 03.09.2008

10 Hours with Smash Bros.

I've decided to post some random sleep deprived thoughts about the game, seeing as how I just finished the Subspace Emissary an hour or two ago. - First of all, FUCK the guy who thought the Great Maze at the end would be a g...   read

5:08 AM on 03.04.2008

IGN hands SSB:Brawl a 9.5 They shit on the games lack of voice speech, leaderboards etc in the online mode. Read the damn article for yourself.   read

12:11 AM on 02.19.2008

Activision and the Customer Service of Question

So I got a nice slim package today in the mail from a mysterious 'promotions group.' As I curiously opened the package, I found out it was my Guitar Hero III replacement envelope and a nifty little form to fill out. As you ...   read

1:35 AM on 02.08.2008

Dear Nintendo.

Release Earthbound to the Virtual Console or DS goddammit. It prints money!   read

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