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8:14 PM on 03.09.2008

10 Hours with Smash Bros.

I've decided to post some random sleep deprived thoughts about the game, seeing as how I just finished the Subspace Emissary an hour or two ago.

- First of all, FUCK the guy who thought the Great Maze at the end would be a good idea. What a tedious last thing to put us through. It was Mega Man all over again having to retread through levels and take on each character in the game (minus Sonic) and each boss from the mode.

- I haven't been able to connect to any random online WiFi matches, so that's weird. However, I am able to view spectator matches and gamble my hard earned coins. Fuck the guy who played as Link and didn't know how to use his Final Smash.

- I played some online matches with a few friends on the East Coast..... the first few matches were a little laggy, but not horrible. Then when a third East Coast person joined, it got better. ..... until the next match when it was literally one frame per two seconds. So keep in mind, West Coast <-> East Coast matches range from slightly bearable to completely unbearable.

- I like that you are able to unlock every single character through SE. It's far more convenient than having to do little missions and whatnot to get someone........ Mr. Game and Watch, I'm looking directly at you.

- Sakurai seems to have taken out the little awards/achievements from multiplayer Brawls :( I really liked those, I'll miss being a Mr. Saturn Fan.

- The music in the game...... it's absolutely amazing. If they release a soundtrack with all the remixes and everything from the game, I will seriously buy it. Listening to the remixed theme from the Winters Boy's Academy (I forgot the actual name) sent warm feelings of joy through my heart. (Snowman if you're wondering what track)

- Sonic isn't nearly as fast as I thought he'd be, I suicide more with Fox/Falco than I do Sonic.

- Also, the clones aren't as bad as I'd thought they'd be, which is a blessing. Ganondorf now plays like a retarded Falcon, but hits hard when he does. Toon Link is surprisingly good, I think I prefer playing as him over normal Link. Pokemon Trainer has probably been the most surprising character to play as, specifically Squirtle. He's a little ball of hard blue death.

- Ice Climbers seem to be better this time around, I actually enjoy playing as them this time around. In fact, there's no character I don't like playing as.

- Peach is still fucking annoying. OH DID I WIN?!

That's about all I can think of to say... so here's a picture for your time.


5:08 AM on 03.04.2008

IGN hands SSB:Brawl a 9.5

They shit on the games lack of voice speech, leaderboards etc in the online mode.

Read the damn article for yourself.


12:11 AM on 02.19.2008

Activision and the Customer Service of Question

So I got a nice slim package today in the mail from a mysterious 'promotions group.' As I curiously opened the package, I found out it was my Guitar Hero III replacement envelope and a nifty little form to fill out.

As you may have heard from various blog/gaming news sites, Activision requests that you do without your Guitar Hero for 3-4 weeks. For those still playing the game, that fucking sucks. If you're like me and you played the hell out of it the following weeks after it's release, and now only play the game in casual, you get to make the decision of whether or not you really care about stereo.

I'll probably send it in, but it will suck to not have that game to pick up and play. To be honest, I probably haven't played it in over a month. I probably won't even notice is gone once SSB: Brawl comes out next month. It's just.... well, I enjoyed having the thought of being able to play it.

Here's a picture that has nothing to do with anything in this post.


1:35 AM on 02.08.2008

Dear Nintendo.

Release Earthbound to the Virtual Console or DS goddammit. It prints money!


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