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10:20 AM on 01.17.2011

Being new to the Sega Saturn.

I never bought a Sega Saturn when they first came out. In fact I didn't even know it existed until last year, when a jerk-friend of mine sneered at me when I admitted that I hadn't heard of a Saturn.

He proclaimed to me, " what you haven't heard of a Saturn, will you obviously don't know S!@#."

I was bewildered and angry, so I did research on a Saturn and quickly discovered that all of it's "CLASSICS" games were either very rare or needed to be imported. I began my great trial of trying to purchase a Saturn off of Ebay. Yet every time I would get outbidded the last minute. Quickly I learned the games of Ebay and how to use it.

While Dreamcast only cost me $30.00 with four games, the Saturn on average was $90.00 for that many games. I was bewildered how could the Saturn cost so F!@#ing much!!! Finally last month I purchased a Saturn and I got one of the worse systems ever conceived....Nah I am kidding. The games I received where actually quite good, Nights, Panzer Dragoon, Guardian Heroes, Lengend of Oasis. All this games were well made. But I could see why it had failed the market when it was released, in it's heart it was simply a glorious 2-D machine fighting against the 3-D crazy. Sure Sega attempted to force it to be 3-D, but it wasn't.

That is why the Saturn, N64, and PSX generation is my least favorite generation, it is an awkward teenager making the leap from 2-D to 3-D. But this discussion is for another time.

Last Saturday I went to the flea market to look around. While I was there I found a store that sold vintage video games. While I was looking around I found some old NES games that I had wanted. I squealed with delight I grabbed them. They were all excellent games that I had wanted, I even found some Dreamcast games. I then looked for some Saturn games. After a brief look I did not see any Saturn's games. So I presumed that the owner had them behind the counter or in a secret room with all the other rare games.

He looked at me and said, "I don't have any Saturn's games, they are hard to come by." The man most have been a retro gamer to, because he said, "Old games are dying out, no one wants to play them anymore. They are hard to find."

The silence that fell over us, was like two old dying men, the last of there kind talking over drinks about the good ole-days. When a man wasn't shackled by society. I told him there are more of us...There has to be. He looked up and simply smiled a bitter smile of defeat.

I left sad because I could not find any Saturn games.

The internet forums are not much better, most of the self-professing lovers of Saturn. Sneered at my comments and questions. True there were some who were polite and answered questioned if I had them, but most of them laughed at my "Stupid Comments".

Some even demanded why I hadn't support the Saturn when it mattered, when it had first came out. The truth is I lived in another country, and only got games on those rare occasion when some I knew would go back to the States.

So to end this story I have one comment. If any person of power in the Sega company is reading this then, Please release Saturn games on the xbox or Psn downloadable site. Please give other people the chance to play your wondrous games. And you third party companies that released your games on the Saturn please release them especially the ones I had to import.

Sincerely, A fan[b]   read

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