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Dr. Lights Halloween Boys: Mega Man and Proto Man


Hello everyone, its been awhile again. Family life doesn’t leave itself much free time, but I managed to get my whole family helping with this years costumes. This year after talking it over with my sons we decided to continue with the Mega Man theme costume.  My youngest was now the same age as my oldest when we built the Mega Man costume. Of course he is about twice the size as his brother was, so the suit is tight, but he is happy to be Mega Man. My oldest thought it would be a good idea to do Proto Man. Especially when he found out that Proto Man was like Mega Man’s older brother. I haven’t finished my costume yet, when I do, I will post some more pictures, but you can probably guess what it is.

I thought it should be pretty easy since they are so similar. I could use my experience from the Mega Man costume, and make improvements along the way. The one thing I wasn't going to change was the finish. I think the fabric (cotton in this case) wrapped components make a great looking real life conversion of cartoons/video games. I ended up usi
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