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Contest: Halloween for SNES and Super Mario World (Day 2)


This is my Mario Pumpkin that I carved last year.

Read the Contest Info/Rules Here

I am very impressed with the submissions... Oh how I would love to do a Bowser... but man... can you imagine trying to make a Bowser costume?

Anyways... keep'em coming!

Q: Do I need to pay for anything?
A: No, I will pay for shipping. If you don't mind slow as molASSes USPS. Maybe if its good enough I will send it faster.

Q: How many times may I enter?
A: Until there is so much Win that it is useless to enter.

Q: What about the Forum underbelly?
A: There is a thread where they can enter.

Q: If I win the contest, instead of the SNES, could you just change your avatar?
A: Fuck no, immediate disqualification for the mere suggestion of such blasphemy.

Q: Should Y0j1mb0 win cause he's old like me...
A: Only if his oldness made his suggestions the best ever.

Q: Can Digtastik Win?
A: No, although... I wouldn't have to pay for shipping then.
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