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11:56 AM on 04.09.2015

Animal Crossing 247 Town

As I have done with past versions of Animal Crossing I decided it would be a good idea to buy a 2nd 3DS and host a town that has it's gates open 24-7.  Today is currently day 3 and the friendslist is almost full.  I decided to post on /r/animalcrossing to find a few extra people outside of my friendlist. I was expecting the town to have trolls instantly but it seems there is only 1 bad person in the group destroying flowers. The most interesting part is I had someone ask to help be a mod on the subreddit for the town and I said yes. I think half of the fun of this is seeing how the town develops and how people react in game and out of game. As things develop things are getting complex it's amazing to watch random strangers try to form a digital community. 


I will have more on the subject later, and hey maybe even proper punctuation but at the moment it is time to get a burrito.




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