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The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is easily one of my favorite video games of all time. I've already done multiple play throughs and if I have my way it will be the last game I play before I check out of this big blue planet. It's not my favorite Legend of Zelda game. That honor rightfully belongs to The Wind Waker, but A Link to the Past is a close second.

For years we've been teased about a possible remake of the game using 3D graphics in a top down setting. Today we got what is the closest yet to a remake of that game with an official sequel. It's been 20 years since A Link to the Past first graced my SNES, and I have to say after watching the trailer of the game... I'm not as amped as I should be. It has nothing to do with the graphic style. In fact I love that they are trying something new. While it may be way too early to make a judgement like this, my biggest worry for this game is that I've been there before. I've been to this version of Hyrule before. I've mastered it. I've made it my bitch. This map is forever stitched into my mind. I love going there when I play A Link to the Past, but I can't say I'm super stoaked to go there again in the sequel.

Every other Zelda sequel has introduced gamers to a new version of Hyrule or some other land. Exploring it and finding its nooks and crannies is part of what makes each new Zelda game feel so fresh. There is no feeling better than discovering an island in Wind Waker, a cave in Twilight Princess or the cow cave in Ocarina of Time. I know all the secrets of A Link to the Past, and the very little Hyrule game play we saw showed us parts of the countryside we've seen before. I'm sure there will be new additions, but I don't want a sense of deja vu throughout my entire experience.

There is also the problem with the fact the map in A Link to the Past is small compared to newer games in the series. It's also limited. Say what you will about Spirit Tracks, that game had some variety when you explored New Hyrule. We've scaled snowy mountains, walked into the heart of a volcano, dived off of waterfalls and traveled across oceans big and small. I would hate for my trip back to this version of Hyrule to feel underwhelming compared to the great Zelda games Nintendo has produced in the past 20 years.

Obviously, it's still early. The game doesn't even have a subtitle yet and there is bound to be a hook to the game that we just don't know about. All I am saying is that I don't want this sequel to just be a retread of the first game, ala Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. The addition of a Dark Realm-like place would be nice, but I don't want it to just be a pallet swap of the regular map.

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