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In what is the coolest jobs I've ever had, I write about toys for a living. All day, nothing but toys. It's amazing. When I'm not writing at work I'm writing at home, either working on my screenplay or my children's novel. When I'm not doing any of that I try to get in some video game time. I'm currently rocking Nintendo only consoles because dammit, I love Nintendo. More than Nintendo, I love platform games. Even though my favorite game isn't a platformer (The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker), it is my favorite genre of games.

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As Iím sure it is for others on this site, video games are a permanent part of my life. I plan to be buried with my Nintendo DSi XL. There is so much that makes video games great, and music is absolutely a part of that. Video game music is some of the best you will ever hear and for me, it can literally make up the soundtrack to my life.

That idea got me thinking( (and drinking). So I scoured the interwebs, youtube and my fading memory (from all the drinking) and complied the album to my life. Comprised solely of music from video games, if I could ever get all this music on a CD that disc would never leave my car. And so, here is the soundtrack to crackedbat:

Track #1: Fluffy Bluff Galaxy - Super Mario Galaxy 2

Though very similar to Gusty Garden Galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy, I think this is the superior track. It packs the perfect punch right at the beginning, demanding that it be the first song on any track listing containing it. Whimsical, adventurous; it tells a story with its music and the track feels like a grand journey by the time it ends. In essence, I feel this song sums up my life up until now and pretty much up until I die.

Track #2: Title Screen - Mega Man 3

The Mega Man series packs some of the most memorable music in all of video games. It hit its stride so early on in Mega Man 2 and continued the excellence to Mega Man 3 with this piece. You can almost hear how much fun Yasuaki Fujita had while creating the track. This is certainly a song for my childhood. Fast paced, energetic and almost uncontrollable the fearlessness I felt during many of my childhood years.

Track #3: Dragon Roost Island - The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Iíve written before how much I love this video game and its music makes up a big reason why that is. The track for Dragon Roost Island is the stand out in my opinion; and I was so happy when it was included in the Legend of Zelda concert last October. As part of the movement it excelled with its Spanish influence. I still remember putting down the controller years back and just listening to the music; and that's the moments of my life this track captures, the moments where I am able to just slow down and experience life.

Track #4: Aria Di Mezzo Carattere - Final Fantasy VI

After three epic tracks, the soundtrack slows down a bit with Aria Di Mezzo Carattere, better known to most gamers as the opera scene music from Final Fantasy VI. Itís a beautiful scene and easily the most memorable track for me (beyond the opening for the original Final Fantasy).

Track #5: Midnaís Lament - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Rolling right off of #4 comes the best piece of music from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Like Aria Di Mezzo, Midnaís Lament orchestrates a sad, memorable moment from the excellent game. Both track #4 and this one really capture the many sadnesses I've had in my 26 years.

Track #6: When Youíre Gone - Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Though her cover of ďAlways on my MindĒ is arguably better, this original from Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and Akira Yamaoka certainly rocked the Silent Hill: Shattered Memories soundtrack. Not exactly a song youíd expect from a horror game, the track would fit right in on the radio. I connect with this song for its lyrics as it defines me and several of my past relationships (and probably future ones as well).

Track #7: Moon - Duck Tales

This is the first piece of video game music that really had an impact on me. Sure, the Legend of Zelda and Super Mario themes are infinitely memorable, but this gem from a gem of a game is the better piece of music and the one that always comes into my head first when someone asks about chiptunes. The music comes off as inspirational, something that really plays to the achievements in my life.

Track #8: Paris - Big Bang Mini

I think Big Bang Mini is a DS game everyone should play. Itís a great send-up of shmups and its music really helps makes the game. This track is a simple, jazzy ditty that really stands out from anything else in the game. As jazz is my favorite form of music, I am happy to have this track represent it on the soundtrack to my life.

Track #9: Hikari - Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon

Do I understand a single word this singer is saying? Hell no, doesnít mean itís not a beautiful track. Just like in life there are beautiful or sad things we don't understand.

Track #10: Lower Norfair - Super Metroid

What would an album of video game music be without something dark and sinister? All of Super Metroidís music is dark, but Lower Norfair has an almost Communist Propaganda quality to it that really strikes home the severity of the situation Samus has gotten herself into as well as the troublesome situations I've been in.

Track #11: Mistralis Village - LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias

There is a certain old world charm to this track that makes me want to cry every time I hear it. So perfect in it execution, there are so many scenarios in my life that I know this song would be the ideal track for. Death, birth, love, hate...this captures it all and more.

Track #12: Overture- Dragon Quest Series

To me, there is probably no more epic piece of music beyond the Dragon Quest Overture. Epic in scale, itís the individual pieces of the track that add up to something wonderful, memorable and the perfect way to end my lifeís album. Thereís a reason they use this music in every game. Where the first track was a journey through my life, this one is the sum of it.

Bonus Track: Still Alive - Portal

Sure, itís as over-referenced as that damn cake, but who cares, this is a great little piece of music. And funny as hell for anyone who gets the reference.

Yes, this would have been better with embedded video, but I couldn't get it to work.

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