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In what is the coolest jobs I've ever had, I write about toys for a living. All day, nothing but toys. It's amazing. When I'm not writing at work I'm writing at home, either working on my screenplay or my children's novel. When I'm not doing any of that I try to get in some video game time. I'm currently rocking Nintendo only consoles because dammit, I love Nintendo. More than Nintendo, I love platform games. Even though my favorite game isn't a platformer (The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker), it is my favorite genre of games.

Follow me on twitter at www.twitter.com/thekillerbees and add me to your 3DS Friends List (1633-4277-3240 and let me know so I can add you to mine.) I'd love to meet some people who want play some Kid Icarus, Resident Evil: Revelations and Mario Kart 7.



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2012 is now just a memory of a year filled with disappointment, struggle, hard work, enlightenment and lots of fast food. After my 2011 ended with a question mark, so did my 2012 as I saw a bevy of changes in my life. Part of the year was pretty successful for me; on the video game front I completed 16 games, a record for me. As for the rest of my life it was a bit of a mixed bag. Its hard to sum up a year like 2012, but as I did last March, Iíve compiled a list of video game music that really captures the year I had. Enjoy.

1. Love Theme - Mother 3

My 2012 got off to a very rough start. After a few months in LA, I was still without a job when I returned from spending New Yearís with my family. It was back to the job hunting grind, back to the apartment with 7 other guys, back to the bed bugs and back to the near depressive state that West Hollywood put me in. During this time I turned to video games to keep me happy, but as my money ran out, so did my options. Also not helping was the fact the game I was rocking at the time, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, turned out to be one of the most disappointing games ever. Not a bad game, just a let down. This song may be called ďLove ThemeĒ but there is a sadness in it that captures the first two months or so of my year. Itís slow moving and the piano almost brings a tear to your eye. I havenít played Mother 3, but to me this is a song that is more for loveís loss than love itself. Itís sad... just like I was.

2. Ying Yang Island Theme - Mortal Kombat Deception

The end of February was a turning point for me in that I finally found a job. I would no longer have to go about town delivering resumes, facing rejection and falling deeper into depression. Instead I got a job that would drive me to a completely different type of depression: grocery work. My folks own a grocery store so Iíve had years of experience working there. Thing is I never wanted to work at a grocery store again. But it was my last hope. Finally a paying job, but a shitty paying job with shitty hours, shitty co-workers, shitty management and an all around shitty environment. It was absolutely a ying-yang experience; for every paycheck I received I would have to endure some of the most frustrating work of my life and the most intolerable customers ever. There is something about rich douchebags that does not mix with a grocery store setting. So the good, like playing Kid Icarus Uprising, beating Dragon Quest IV and making money; clashed with the bad, i.e. working at a grocery store in West Hollywood.

3. Mysterious Invaders Air Theme - Kid Icarus: Uprising

My life started to come together in March/April of 2012 when I responded to a Craigslist Ad for a non-paid position on a web series. What I thought would be a one-time thing has turned into an extraordinary experience that has introduced me to some awesome people. The web series in question turned out to be a little show called Where the Bears Are, a show about hairy gay men. The guys producing/writing/directing/starring in the show have been in the business for years and they were able to give me a hell of a lot of tips for my own writing. So thatís what I did, I started writing again. I was able to finish four television specs but I knew I needed work. At the end of shooting the show I was determined, but doubtful in my experience.
There is something about Mysterious Invaders Air Theme from Kid Icarus: Uprising that really captures this moment. Itís a song that screams determination and hard work, and thatís exactly what those few months were for me. The web series allowed me to escape my ying-yang depression and focus on something positive, even if it didnít magically make my life instantly better in the end. However, I did get an IMDB credit, so itís a start. Hereís to season two.

4. Totakaís Song - Luigiís Mansion Version

In August and September of 2012 my life finally started to get back to where I was before I moved down to LA. In August I was able to move out of the shitty WeHo apartment and into an apartment with my best friend. I wasnít in the city anymore, but I had my own room in a building without bedbugs. Instead of living with drug addicts, I am living with two students working on their doctoral program.
My life only got better in September when I was finally able to quit the shitty grocery job and start work at an online toy store. My job: writing toy descriptions. I get to spend all day writing about toys. Though itís difficult to force creativity, it has been a help to my writing.
So why Totakaís Song? The Luigiís Mansion version is jazzier than otherís Iíve heard and jazz is my favorite form of music. It, along with video game soundtracks, is what I like to listen to when I unwind; and I did a lot of unwinding after I got the new job. So much unwinding in fact that Iíve nearly regained all the weight I lost two years ago. I became too comfortable in my ever expanding skin. My life was going good, but I realized it had to get better.

5.Twilight Princess - Hidden Village Music

I no longer work at grocery store, but Iím still not satisfied with my job. I make more at the toy store than I did stocking the produce section, but Iím still pretty poor. My life is okay, but it needs to get better and only I am able to make that happen. I realize I have to get my life together if Iím ever going to be happy and the only thing that will make me happy is working in show business. So Iíve never been more optimistic about a new year than I am right now with 2013. I have one screenplay in the works, two television pilot scripts and I begin work hopefully in March on my own animated web series. 2012 sucked because it broke me. 2013 is a year that is going to have to do everything it can to stop me from succeeding because I am more determined than ever to thrive. Thatís my attitude right now and if you canít hear that in this badass piece of music then you are listening to it wrong. Also, I just finished Gunman Clive so Iím really into western music right now.

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